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Augusto Amador@LAroughwritersCUBANA

Script link:
Contact Manager Adam Peck: theadampeck@gmail.com
1950’s,Havana, Cuba. The underbelly of the city is a brew of highstakes gambling, secret revolutionary plots, violent repression and American gangsterism. Reina, a popular drag queen and crime boss, schemes to stay a step ahead of her enemies while running Havana's most famous cabaret.1 hrJavi Grillo-Marxuach"hey the world, as part of the #WGASolidarityChallenge i just read humanitas new voices award winner @LAroughwriters's awesome pilot "cubana" - imagine "casablanca" meets "the sopranos" in batista's cuba... with rick as a trans woman who runs a drag club. "
Robbie Norris@robbiewriterdirBUCK THE SYSTEM

Script link:
Two broke lesbian artists with an autistic kid resort to counterfeiting money to survive in NYC, under the nose of the law that moves in upstairs. 1/2 hrJill Condon"Any show runners in need of a fun, quirky voice should give @robbiewriterdir’s half hour script Buck The System a read.

Lesbians, counterfeit cash, and lady mobsters. What could be better?"
Jesse Lasky@JesseLaskyBROKEN TOMORROW

Script link:
A man sends his consciousness back in time to stop his past self from getting caught up in a conspiracy that ruins his life, but accidentally lands in the body of a stranger. He now must find and team up with his past self to stop the conspiracy — while also trying to convince his past self that they're the same person!1 hrBenjamin Raab"Long overdue #WGAstaffingboost #wgasolidaritychallenge recommendation for @JesseLasky’s twisty time travel spec BROKEN TOMORROW. Reads like an ‘80s buddy cop movie—only this time, the buddies are the same exact person! A super fun & entertaining genre piece that’s worth the read."
Corinne Marshall@CorinneMarshalASTER ROCK1 hrSarah Fain"Drama and genre rooms still staffing! Check out @CorinneMarshal! Her 1 hr pilot, ASTER ROCK, is full of ghostly thrills, sharp dialogue, gripping mysteries, and characters that jump off the page."
Ceda Xiong@slobearYOUNG EXILES1 hrJenny Lee"Just had the pleasure of reading Ceda Xiong @slobear's pilot “Young Exiles”!! Wow. She really delivered a cool and unique world with such great characters."
Carmiel Banasky@CarmielBanaskyWILD LIFE1 hrBen Blacker"DRAMA: @CarmielBanasky's WILD LIFE has an unlikable, compelling protagonist whose journey keeps you turning pages. Banasky's descriptions of San Diego under storm & the hero's quest to save the zoo is exciting &. The eco element is deftly folded in."
Matt Rasmussen@_mattrasmussenGHOSTFACE IS MY BOYFRIEND1 hrBen Blacker"HORROR/DRAMEDY: @_mattrasmussen has the goods. I loved GHOSTFACE IS MY BOYFRIEND, his charming, affectionate love letter to the 90s & 90s horror. Immersive in the period, got those Scream vibes w real characters & twisty plot. Another I want to see on TV! "
Rae Binstock@highlyraetedHOMECOMING1 hrJavi Grillo-Marxuach"@highlyraeted's "homecoming" about a doctor and her biracial family returning to her hometown to some awesome character dynamics and a political twist that elevates the material well above and beyond the going home trope! kudos! "
Michael Berner@MichaelTVwriterMARNIE1 hrJavi Grillo-Marxuach"another great #WGASolidarityChallenge script came from @MichaelTVwriter, his "marnie" is a touching, thoughtful drama about a trans teen navigating high school, coming of age, and some truly difficult family dynamics. i worked with michael on "shannara" and he's good people!"
Pilot Viruet@pilotviruetBRUISERS1/2 hrDavid H. Steinberg"I read @pilotviruet's script BRUISERS for the #WGAstaffingboost and I highly recommend them for staffing. A great character coming of age comedy about a queer biracial teenager who joins a roller derby team!"
Sarah Bullion@sarahdabblesPROTECT & SERVE1 hrGlen Mazzara#wgastaffingboost shout out for writer @sarahdabbles for her pilot PROTECT & SERVE. She deserves a place on the @prewga list.
Nicole Demerse@writerNMDCHOICE

Script link:
Contact ndemerse@gmail.com
CHOICE is a character-driven drama series about Rebecca, a complicated young OB/GYN who struggles to reconcile being staffed at Planned Parenthood with her conservative religious upbringing. It’s a show that looks at both sides of the right to choose: not only reproductive choice, but all the choices we face in life.1 hrDagan Fryklind"CABLE SHOWRUNNERS: @writerNMD's pilot for CHOICE is a timely romp of a flailing Med intern assigned to an abortion clinic. Smart, sharp, fucks you in the heart. Nicole is a WGC seasoned writer on the threshold of WGA status."
Hallie Lambert@liberalhamletLIGHT OF DAY

Script link:
contact hallielambert@mac.com for script
LIGHT OF DAY: On the quiet mountain side of Lake Malcolm, four friends find themselves caught in the crosshairs of hunters and a vampire coven seeking revenge. Think LOST BOYS and add a dash of I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER.1 hrJavi Grillo-Marxuach"while we are giving #wgasolidaritychallenge/#WGAStaffingBoost shout outs, @liberalhamlet wore a really cool, niftily-paced, and tension filled YA-adjacent/vampire pilot called "light of day" - a great sample for a cw-adjacent show, or any horror/thriller genre effort!"
Joey Elkins
& Blake Silver
SILK1 hr
Javi Grillo-Marxuach
Ben Blacker
"More #wgasolidaritychallenge shout outs, first, "silk" by @joeyelkins and @BlakeSilver - an inventive mashup of the drug war, the occult, spiders, and bad moms -- with some very crafty storytelling. worth a read if you are staffing a mythology-rich genre show!"
Ryan W. Smith@RyanWarrenSmithBLACK MESSIAH

Script link:
BLACK MESSIAH explores the F.B.I.'s infiltration into the Black Panther Party, and the government's direct hand in the assassination of Black Panther Leader, Fred Hampton. **Austin Film Festival Semifinalist **1 hr
Andy Schwartz
Ben Blacker
"I want to #WGAstaffingboost #wgasolidaritychallenge @RyanWarrenSmith - Ryan wrote a fantastic and gripping drama pilot called "Black Messiah" about corruption in the FBI in the 60s. Exciting, period piece with great characters. Drama showrunners, take a look!"
Rachel Koller@rachelkollerSNAKES

Script link:
Contact rach.koller@gmail.com for script
SNAKES is a one-hour drama about single mom Nina, a PR fixer who infiltrates a female-led nationwide cult operating under the guise of an essential oils MLM company. 1 hrTerri Kopp"Just finished SNAKES, a female led thriller by @rachelkoller. A PR fixer gets caught up in cult-like MLM that sells esstential oils. It's AWESOME! Great premise. Wonderful characters. Sharp writing. Cable SR's, pay attention!"
D. Pullano@dspullanoGIRL MODE

Script link:
By all appearances, Matt Calabrese is a privileged, straight, white male working as a video game executive in an industry known for its misogyny. But when a therapist confirms he’s transgender, his once traditional life is turned upside down as he begins a difficult but darkly comical search for authenticity, all while raising his 12-year-old son as a single parent.1/2 hrNancy Cohen"I loved @dspullano’s 1/2 hour pilot “Girl Mode,” a darkly funny and original script based on her own true story of coming out as a transgender woman while working in the video game industry."
Marty Scott@mscott5903 PANDORA1 hrGabrielle Stanton"My favorite script I've read so far this year is "Pandora" by @mscott5903 #wgasolidaritychallenge #wgastaffingboost And he's great in the room. Would be amazing on any staff!"
Charlie Reeves@hicharliereevesBELOW1 hrHilary Graham"Giving an enthusiastic #WGAStaffingBoost to my former #Bones colleague @hicharliereeves. His pilot BELOW is a true coming-of-age story of a schizophrenic battling demons both real and imaginary. Read this excellent script, then hire him!"
Kellen Hertz@KellenWritesLEGACY1 hr
Gennifer Hutchinson
Paul Guyot
"Just read "Legacy" by @KellenWrites - a female-led twisty crime/conspiracy drama set in the world of an elite college. Stand out dialogue, dark and creepy tone, precise plotting. Check her out. "
Ana Davis@anastazjadavisHUNTER. KILLER

Script link:
1 hrDailyn Rodriguez"#WGAstaffingboost #wgasolidaritychallenge finally catching up on reading before I head to the Big Easy for season finale. So who wants to read an amazing crime drama with a super complicated Filipina protagonist? I couldn't put this script down! Hunter. Killer by @anastazjadavis"
Meagan Fulps@MeaganFulpsFIREBALLS

Script link:
FIREBALLS is a half-hour comedy following a hotheaded—and recently suspended—WNBA all-star who goes to Germany to play for the dysfunctional, bottom-seeded, Bad Aibling Fireballs in hopes of reviving her reputation and finally becoming a true champion.
neededDavid H. SteinbergI read @MeaganFulps's original pilot FIREBALLS and thought it was great. With compelling characters in the world of professional women's basketball, it felt authentic, but also funny and very hip. Please consider her for staffing!
Susan Hurwitz Arneson@batdorkgirlBARBIE MADE ME DO IT1/2 hrJose Molina"#WGAstaffingboost peeps: hire @batdorkgirl! (I tried, but she was busy.) She’s the only writer to last 6 years on South Park!She’s a comedy/genre chick who crushed in on The Tick and Preacher! Her pilot BARBIE MADE ME DO IT is delightfully weird and funny! "
Mn Matthews@moniquematthewsPARADISE CA1/2 hrMara Brock Ali"Must read script: PARADISE, CA by @moniquematthews. This half-hour is a great mix of comedy and drama. It is as heartfelt as it is funny, and that is hard to find in a script."
Wes Ambrecht@iamwesleyFAMILY OF THE YEAR

Script link:
A family on opposite sides of the political spectrum find themselves drawn together by their patriarch's health scare. 1 hrBen Blacker"DRAMEDY: @iamwesley's FAMILY OF THE YEAR is the low key likable offspring of Succession and Parenthood. The dynamics of siblings who are of opposing political views but still love each other are well-drawn and convincingly portrayed."
Katherine O'Keefe@katieokeefe22THE GAY SPACE ALLIANCE1/2 hrBen Blacker"COMEDY: With THE GAY SPACE ALLIANCE, @katieokeefe22 has written a delightful, silly workplace rom-com. The very of-the-moment jokes come from her neurotic, grounded characters. Katherine plays the spectrum of comedy, highbrow and low, to great success."

Script link:
Half-hour comedy about 34 year-old, Jade, who after going to prison for a stupid mistake as a teen has been content way too long with working crappy jobs and laying around the house watching fishing shows. When her younger sister gives Jade an ultimatum - get her life together or be cut off - Jade must decide if she's finally ready to grow up and get a real job or be okay being taken care of by her younger sister forever. 1/2 hrBen Blacker"COMEDY: @EricScottLA's PERMANENTLY FIRED features an exhausting basketcase protagonist who can't get her life together, makes every wrong choice, yet is a pleasure to spend time with. Eric pulls off a difficult job: a dryly funny lead who's actually funny! "
Eric Podell@EricPodellA HISTORY OF FOOLSWhen, on the eve of his eagerly anticipated a Bar Mitzvah, a smart ass 13 year-old learns that he’s become "a man”, he decides to sue his parents for emancipation, thereby tearing his family apart only to have to put them back together again. Malcolm In The Middle by way of Max Fischer. The Wonder Years if Kevin Arnold wasn’t such a wimp.1/2 hrBen Blacker"COMEDY: With A HISTORY OF FOOLS, @EricPodell has written a little shit of a protagonist--Malcolm in the Middle by way of Max Fischer--who is both smarter and dumber than his family, whom he destroys and must rebuild. A fun read."
Courtney Perdue
& Baindu Nafei Saidu
THE HANGING TREE1 hrBen Blacker"DRAMA: THE HANGING TREE by @CourtneyPerdue1 & @B_is_Beauty shows the writers' passion for horror, anime, and family drama. A family mystery is deftly unfolded; if characters don't always sound natural, it adds to the eerie feeling something is WRONG here."
Krystal Bazon@HandsOnBanzoBORO1 hrBrian NelsonCrown Heights gentrification explodes for real in BORO, drama pilot from @HandsOnBanzon that's equal parts love story, political scandal, and the sexiness of the everyday. Read and hire Krystal Banzon.
Ashley Zazzarino
& Brian Pacek
DOUBLE DOWN THE LINECaught in an epic financial pickle, two inseparable women and baseball diehards resort to operating a little league gambling ring.needDavid H. Steinberg"I read @ashleyzazz & @BrianTPacek's original pilot DOUBLE DOWN THE LINE and really enjoyed it. It's got two great lead characters with tons of personality who start a little league gambling ring. Smart and funny!"
Michael Tabb@MichaelTabb1) CRIME-SPIRACY

The show opens at the brutal murder scene of Los Angeles' most powerful crime boss. Two opposite, newly partnered detectives investigate the murder as this hit turns L.A. into a criminal battleground for control over its streets.
The format of this annual procedural splits screen time between the investigation perspective and the victimized group’s perspective (L.A.’s organized crime families for season one). Each season leads to larger conspiracies that make this series a cross between THE WIRE and season one of DESIGNATED SURVIVOR.


This romantic comedy tells the story of two overweight single people in look-centric Hollywood attempting to get gorgeous people into bed. At the end of the pilot, they agree to help one another seduce their incredibly sexy gym trainers, only to eventually fall in love with one another along the way.
John Lehr (creator/showrunner/actor of TBS’ Ten Items Or Less, Hulu’s Quick Draw) wants to join the team.
needSteven D. Binder"Hat's off to @MichaelTabb as I pimp out four awesome scripts I just read: CRIMESPIRACY, supernatural DEAD MEN, period law adventure SAWYER & FINN, and lovey sit-com MORE TO LOVE. Pick 1 & read!!!"
Chrissy Shackelford@ChrissyShLONE STAR

Script link:
L.A. lifestyle guru and certified hot mess Kirby Thomas relocates to Austin, TX for court-ordered community service. With the hopes of finding inspiration from "real people," she serves the wild and unique subcultures of Austin and ultimately discovers that she has no idea what being a “real person” even means.1/2 hrBen BlackerCOMEDY: With LONE STAR, @ChrissySh has written a delightful hot mess who should be on a broadcast TV show. It's a funny script, specific in its skewering of lifestyle gurus. Chrissy would do well working with a strong comedy showrunner.
Danny Baram@DannyBaramALT ALEX

Script link:
Alex Fowley's life changes forever when she is transported to an alternate earth, on which her family - including her own double - runs a sinister regime bent on ruling the multiverse. Stranded in a strange new reality, twenty-something Alex goes from slinging Starbucks to working for the Resistance - using her unique knowledge of her family to help lead the fight against them.1 hrBen Blacker
Mickey Fisher
"DRAMEDY: I really dig @DannyBaram's ALT ALEX, a breezy coming-of-age with the kind of sci-fi turn that the CW would love to make- delightful 20-something leads who find purpose in an alternate earth, while still being charming. Light and TV-ready."
Charles Quincy
& Amanda Pickens-Ewell
BROAD CITY (spec) 1/2 hrDavid H. Steinberg"I read @Charles_Quincy_ & Amanda Pickens-Ewell's spec Broad City and thought it was spot on. Great character voices and dialogue! They would make a great addition to your comedy room!'
Amanda Moresco Von Lumm@mandy_morescoFUCKED UP

Script link:
The funny but edgy chronicles of a New York City woman’s efforts, and most of the time, failures- to get it together while dealing with a vengeful baby daddy and possible addiction. 1 hrJavi Grillo-Marxuach"First, @mandy_moresco's dramedy "fucked up" which chronicles a woman's efforts - and, most of the time, failures - to get it together while dealing with a vengeful baby daddy and possible addiction - it's edgy with striking, in-your-face characters, dialogue and situations."
Joel Silberman@WordpeggioTHE CARETAKER1 hrJavi Grillo-Marxuach"then there's @Wordpeggio's violent antihero vigilante origin story "the caretaker" it's a hard R revenge story that goes to dark places and doesn't shy away from the less-than-problematic aspects of revenge even as its characters feel justified. "
Benji Kahn@benjikahnxLEAP FROG1 hrJavi Grillo-Marxuach"Finally, i read @benjikahnx's "leap frog" - which deftly and sensitively turns the traditional high school drama structure into a tale of coming of age both queer and biracial in a world that doesn't always welcome those traits. "

Script link:
Based on the comic Spider-Girl, MAY DAY is an hour-long drama that follows 16-year-old May Parker, the daughter of Peter Parker, after she suddenly gains powers. Trying her best to balance her personal life and duties at school, she quickly finds that with great power comes great sacrifice.
1 hrBen Blacker"I absolutely love @oamandac's MAY DAY: THE RISE OF SPIDER-GIRL. Now let's be honest (this may take a couple of tweets). What Amanda's has written is fan-fic. She was able to lean on the existing Marvel IP for inspiration. But @oamandac's pilot is among the most polished, confident, production-ready scripts I've read. Her cast is real & inclusive. Her characters are funny, complicated, broken; the world she describes has stakes. Amanda could excel in the @GBerlanti-verse."
Rishi Chitkara@rishi_chitkaraSCRIPTS1/2 hrDavid H. Steinberg"I read @rishi_chitkara's original half-hour pilot SCRIPTS about a financially stressed doctor who is forced to sell prescriptions to help his family. It's funny but also emotional and grounded. Well done! Please consider him for staffing."
Andy Sipes@andysipesFALLING BEHIND1/2 hrKevin Biegel "My pick for #WGAstaffingboost #wgasolidaritychallenge today is Andy Sipes @andysipes who wrote a great, funny half hour called "Falling Behind." Reads like Odd Couple and Repo Man but with a really sweet streak running through the middle. Loved it. Repped by 3 Arts."
Emma Dudley@captainEmdudLUCHADORA1 hrBenjamin Raab"Keeping the #WGAstaffingboost #WGAsolidaritychallenge going w LUCHADORA by @captainEmdud—the story of a female wrestler with superhuman abilities trying to solve the mystery of her father’s untimely death only to end up a pawn in the game of a dark and secret conspiracy."
Hannah Globus@GlobopocolypseTHE WOMAN NOBODY KNOWSThe extraordinary true story of Frances Perkins, the first female cabinet member, who served as Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Secretary of Labor during the dark days of the Great Depression. While struggling with the demands of being a wife, mother, and a woman in a man’s world, Perkins fights to pass the most revolutionary legislation in US history: The New Deal and Social Security.FeatureP Davis
Sarah Watson
"Now I’ve also read this line in the feature by @Globopocolypse — I’m moved. She’s found an untold true story that tells us about our past but strongly resonates today. (Her tv spec is pretty great, too). Read her! Hire her! "
Samantha LNU@BarelyoutofblueALL THE NAMES FOR GOD1 hrSal Calleros"I pick @Barelyoutofblue for #WGAstaffingboost #wgasolidaritychallenge. Her wonderful pilot ALL THE NAMES FOR GOD is about a young lesbian woman in the 1960's forced into a convent where she finds heartache and love. Oh, and @Barelyoutofblue is a lovely human being. "
Jessica M. Thompson@jess_m_thompsonTHE POWERLESS1 hrJavi Grillo-Marxuach"i have some #WGASolidarityChallenge shout outs, since i missed my quota for last week, first there's @jess_m_thompson's confident and ambitious serialized drama "the powerless" which elevates a disaster scenario with truly gripping writing and characters: great stuff!"
Lisa Gold@scriptogoldYONGE STREET STRIP1 hr Javi Grillo-Marxuach"what do you get when you mix orthodox judaism, the 1970s, strip clubs, some out-of-the-box stylistic choices, and a family in crisis? you get @scriptogold's "yonge street strip" - a family drama that's like "the chosen" meets "the deuce"!"
Nicole Ranadive@NRDivaUNKNOWN

Script link:
UNKNOWN is an epic 1 hour action/thriller in which 28 year-old Anjali Samarth, newly indoctrinated into one of the oldest and most secretive of secret societies, India’s legendary NINE UNKNOWN MEN, is thrust into a world of scientific, political and supernatural intrigue as she’s tasked with recovering one of the nine books of advanced knowledge the great Emperor Ashoka insisted society be protected from. Along with the other eight, each with its own concentration, these tomes are believed to hold all the untold secrets of the universe and thus the fate of all humanity. needed
P Davis
Javi-Grillo Marxuach
Benjamin Raab
"Just read UNKNOWN by @NRDiva. A great story with a little bit of everything you want - action, romance, an ancient Indian secret society! You should read it, too. "
Danielle Weisberg@danielleweisberTHE RANGERS

Script link:
An absurdist comedy about the park rangers serving the fictional second least-visited national park in the continental US.
Parks and Recreation meets Angie Tribeca.
neededTim Long"Anyone hiring staff writers should take a look at @danielleweisber , who's a total delight and whose spec "The Rangers" is funny & absurd in all the best ways. "
Joe Smith@jbsmithIIIALMA MATER1 hrAriana Jackson"Read @jbsmithIII's pilot Alma Mater. Gripping father/son story in the intense world of small town college football. Succession meets Paterno. Family, loyalty, betrayal and the dark side of a sport and its gods. Highly recommend! "
Jen Troy@JenTr0y DUPLEXITYLogline: In the near future, a complicated mostly Asian American woman sets out to take down the people responsible for her parents’ disappearance. It’s Nikita meets Revenge in the near future. 1 hrPaul Guyot"Just read another strong #WGAStaffingBoost spec pilot. This one by @JenTr0y
If anyone's got a CW/syfy/superhero/spy/badassfemale type show, give her a read!"
Nick Keetch
& Ty Freer

Script link:
If Fargo and Get Shorty had a one-night stand in a cheap motel room the resulting love child would be Sunny Nights, the story of a brother/sister spray tan sales team who travel to Biloxi to save their struggling business and get caught up in blackmail, murder, and exploding alligators.1 hrPaul Guyot"Attention UL #WGA Just read SUNNY NIGHTS by @ndotkeetch & @TyFreer 1 of the best reads I've experienced in long time. Elmore Leonard meets Carl Hiaasen, script is fresh, funny, original & showcases writers at the top of their craft."
Elvira Ibragimova@elviggityGround Control

Script link:
An office comedy about NASA and the race to Mars. When a promising young astronaut in training gets bumped from her upcoming mission in lieu of a fitness guru civilian she must put aside her pride and help from the desk at Mission Control.1/2 hrPatrick Meighan"I’m boosting “Ground Control”, by @elviggity, for #WGASolidarityChallenge. NASA/aerospace workplace comedy. Very funny (I laughed a lot) with strong characters, and it felt believable. I recommend. Also too: when it someday gets picked up, I wanna write on it."
Moira McMahon Leeper@MoiraMcMahonMADDOX

Script link:
Desperate to cure their oldest son of his unexplained coma, one family moves to a town built by a pharmaceutical company in which everyone there is a guinea pig for medical progress. 1 hrJon Cowan"It’s rare to read a sample and be disappointed when it ends. #wgasolidaritychallenge #WGAstaffingboost shout out for Moira McMahon Leeper’s MADDOX.
created a dystopian world that’s smart, has real characters, and sets up a series. she’ll work her ass off on a show."
Ken Pisani@kpsmartypants4 CORNERS

Script link:
contact kpslam22@gmail.com
A disgraced former journalist finds himself stranded in a strange desert town of quirky oddballs, where he’s stunned to be charged with a gruesome local murder. Quarreling jurisdictions, Native American feuds, and a bizarre local newspaper that hires him all figure into the investigation. (Based on the mystery/thriller novella by Los Angeles Times best-selling author of “AMP’D,” scored multiple 8s on The Black List.)1 hrJon Cowan
Paul Guyot
"Want to give a hearty #wgasolidaritychallenge #WGAstaffingboost to Ken Pisani
. Great dialogue, original characters, quirky and VERY SPECIFIC world. 4 Corners is a moody crime mystery - Twin Peaks with more banter. Very strong pilot sample. I’d definitely meet him."
Nick J. Thacker@MrScreenRightNON-MAGIC1 hrBen Blacker"DRAMEDY:
@MrScreenRight's NON-MAGIC 101 is a perfect fit for
's lighter side, ie Warehouse 13, Happy. A hapless yutz winds up teaching non-magical classes to awkward wizards. Kind of Magicians + Head of the Class. Dialogue is clever but still true. "
Aldo Pisano @aldopisanoJAMES HARDEN'S BEARD

Script link:
When an interracial couple discovers that they are trapped inside James Harden's BEARD, they must learn to co-exist peacefully with the residents of the beard, while respecting the wishes of their stern caretaker/perennial NBA All-Star.
1/2 hrBen Blacker"COMEDY: You must read JAMES HARDEN'S BEARD by
. It's among the silliest, most batshit premises, but Aldo is an empathetic writer who grounds the crazy in real, nuanced characters. Outside of the premise (read it!), the jokes come from character."
Joshua Keller Katz@joskelkatZEALOTS

Script link:
When his life hits rock bottom after successfully defending a serial killer, a former hotshot attorney is given the opportunity to start all over again as a public defender1/2 hrPatrick Meighan"I'm boosting
. His pilot "Zealots" got many, many laugh-out-louds from me. Felt real. Good characterization. But again, just fuckin' funny. If you're staffing a comedy and looking to add a lower-level hammer, check this guy out. "
Darryl Wharton-Rigby@whartonrigbyTOKYO TRIBE

Script link:
Based on the Japanese manga Tokyo Tribe. Two estranged friends in a dystopic Tokyo landscape are now in rival gangs and struggle to realize that being enemies ain't easy.1 hrP Davis"TOKYO TRIBE shows
can really tell a story. It follows estranged friends in rival gangs in a dystopic Tokyo. Script has heart and heart-stopping action. Must read."
Jamie Mayer@heavymeta3000QUITTERS1 hrP Davis
Paul Guyot
‘s QUITTERS about a Malibu rehab center is terrific. She’s sold features and created/run webseries. Strong family drama and YA skills — let’s get her on a staff!"
Lori BalabanNeed contactJAZZ IN REAL LIFE1 hr & 1/2 hrP Davis"Lori Balaban’s JAZZ IN REAL LIFE is a new look at identity. A writer’s book launch (&life) is in jeopardy when her wife, a telenovella star, threatens divorce. Lori has both drama and comedy samples for you to read"
Meagan Fulps@MeaganFulpsFIREBALLS

Script link:
1/2 hrP Davis"And FIREBALLS.
draws on her life experience for this comedy about a hot-headed WNBA star sent to play on a dysfunctional German team. Really fun read!"
Jenni Ross@jenniross2ALL AMERICAN GIRL

Script link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1squF9v3r5ahxTs2_btndkGwvSzx1ThzN/view

Credits/Bio: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p4aMnggGiQuGZpWrkEG5HPng611ZIdCM/view
1 hrDavid Slack"TV BUYERS: Looking for a powerful drama with strong female leads? @jenniross2 has the pilot for you: ALL AMERICAN GIRL is MAD MEN meets BIG LITTLE LIES. The saga of 3 working women in 3 different eras. Emotional & thought-provoking w/ outstanding dialogue."
Seth Harrington@SethHarringtonSTAND1 hrDavid Slack"TV PODS & SHOWRUNNERS: @SethHarrington’s pilot STAND is a smart, emotional drama about murder in a small town, filled w/ great dialogue & complex characters. Grisham’s THE CLIENT meets FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS with an effortlessly inclusive twist. Read & meet!"
Dicky Murphy@murphy_dickyTRAGEDY

Script link:
TRAGEDY is the bastard child of THE WEST WING & SUCCESSION — a bold reimagining of the story of Agamemnon set in present-day DC.1 hr David Slack".@murphy_dicky’s drama pilot TRAGEDY is the bastard child of THE WEST WING & SUCCESSION — a bold reimagining of the story of Agamemnon set in present-day DC. If you need writers for development or staffing in prestige cable, check it out!"
Denise Harkavy@DHarkavyLIONESS1 hrMickey Fisher"I want to shout out:

for TIGRESS, which should ALREADY BE on my TV where I can watch it. Fantastic central character, engrossing from page one."
Gennifer Gross
& David Gross
PINS AND NEEDLES1/2 hrMickey Fisher"@Gennefer
for PINS AND NEEDLES, a half-hour drama with a compelling core character and great dialogue."
Jennifer Muro@jennifermuroOPAL1 hr
Mickey Fisher
Javi Grillo-Marxuach
for OPAL, an inventive period spy thriller with twists and turns and real life characters threaded throughout."
Liz Thurmond@countmystarsBONAVENTURE UNDERGROUND1 hrMickey Fisher"@countmystars
for BONAVENTURE UNDERGROUND, excellent concept for a series, could easily be on a CW-like line up. Lively writing, fun characters."
Zack Bornstein@ZackBornsteinLIKE ME1/2 hrMickey Fisher"@ZackBornstein
for LIKE ME, which is as creative as it is cringey and hilarious."
Michael Patrick Sullivan@redrighthandELEANOR IS

Script link:
War vet Ellie leads the lobstermen residents of a small New England island to secede from the United States rather than lose their land to a corrupt act of eminent domain.

1 hrPaul Guyot"WooHoo! More good writing from #wgasolidaritychallenge
This time it’s ELEANOR IS. by
Script is tight, and juggles multiple storylines with a deft, professional hand. This cat could write on any 1-hr on television. "
Samantha Silver@iamsamsilverKEY CHANGE1 hrJavi Grillo-Marxuach"a few #wgasolidaritychallenge shout outs, like
's pilot "key change" which juggles the glitzy, soapy melodrama of a pop star's tabloid-fodder life with a sensitively described portrait of how said life is upended by the star's realization she's FTM/trans. "
Phil Pirello@PhilPirrello1) DEFIANT

Script link:


Script link:
CLOCKWORK (one-hour sci-fi action drama): When her fiancee mysteriously vanishes, a grieving small-town cop must join a team of specialists struggling to stop a master thief from unraveling our reality -- all while using a dangerous and untested form of time travel. Think MICHAEL MANN'S QUANTUM LEAP.

DEFIANT (one-hour sci-fi war thriller): As humanity gets their asses kicked by a mysterious alien threat, a veteran officer with PTSD -- and her untested crew -- must steal an enemy craft on a desperate mission into deep space to stop an invasion force from annexing Earth. It's STAR TREK meets BAND OF BROTHERS.

1 hr
Dan & Kevin Hageman
Sean Reycraft
Ben Blacker
"#WGAstaffingboost we had the pleasure of reading
’s grounded sci fi spec Defiant. Loved that he started with character and built around the heart. Hit him up to read it. Not too heady. Not too shoot em up. Juuuuust right."
Amena Kheshtchin-Kamel@amenakamelTHE GOOD PLACE (spec)

Script link:
In Season Three’s finale, we left off with Eleanor having to take over as the pretend architect of the new fake Good Place. Some of the new residents have already been revealed: Chidi, Chidi’s on Earth ex-girlfriend Simone, and John of “The Gossip Toilet” who is Tahani’s former nemesis on earth. Season Four opens with Eleanor struggling to see Chidi and Simone grow romantic feelings for each other, all while dealing with another threat to the group's success: the newest and last resident, Dominique, who poses a new problem for the group.1/2 hrJay S. Arnold"Just read the
spec of #TheGoodPlace and she crushed it. Showrunners, this wonderful human would elevate and diversify any writer’s room lucky enough to have her. #WGAstaffingboost #wgasolidaritychallenge"
Emily Davila@EmilyDavila8CRIME TIME1/2 hrBen BlackerCOMEDY:
describes the lead in CRIME TIME, her mystery-comedy, as "tough, smart, sarcastic"; I've a feeling this is Emily as well. She's been support staff and kill it learning from a seasoned comedy showrunner like

Josh Estes@jp_estesLAUREL CANYON

Script Link:
In the lead up to the turbulent 1968 election, a by-the-book FBI agent is sent undercover inside Los Angeles’ bohemian Laurel Canyon to politicize its rock star inhabitants, but when he finds himself going down the rabbit hole of their hedonistic lifestyle, he’ll have to choose between his mission and the new, broken family that’s accepted him as one of their own. A limited series exploring the legends and true stories of Laurel Canyon.1 hr
Ben Blacker
Benjamin Raab
is looking for asst work too. His well-plotted pilot, LAUREL CANYON, about undercover agents in LA's 70s music scene, shows mastery of place. It has a network vibe, and mentorship from the right showrunner could push JP to go even deeper."
Mary Iacono@icecreamconoON THE ROPESAfter 17-year-old Paddy, an Irish street fighter, is sent across the Atlantic to live with his estranged father in a wealthy Boston suburb, he exposes a secret that endangers the family’s livelihoods and teams up with a retired boxer to fight his way out of the mess he’s made.1 hrBen Blacker"DRAMA:
is a 7-season script coordinator ready to make the jump to staff writer. Her pilot ON THE ROPES shows deep understanding of character & plot; it's kind of a New England-set inclusive The OC. Mary'd excel on a This Is Us-style drama."
Olga Lexell@runolgarunRAW1 hrBen Blacker"DRAMA:
's RAW nails the specific world/family crime drama of, say, Ozark, Big Little Lies, Briarpatch. It's about raw milk, dairy farming, shakedowns, and family. Well executed set-ups to plots that never feel short-changed. Put this on USA."
Paul Karp
& Sara Dolin

Script Link:
When a confident, suburban tween discovers she hasn't inherited powers from her superhero parents, she’s forced to reconsider her identity and learn how to be a hero on her own terms.1/2 hrDavid H. Steinberg"I read
and Sara Dolin’s original pilot EXTRA-ORDINARY JESS for the #wgasolidaritychallenge and I thought it was great! A fun, engaging character and a high concept premise but the story is still grounded and emotional. Well done!"
Geetika Lizardi@geetikalizardiSOFA KING1/2 hr
David H. Steinberg
Brendan Hay
Mike Royce
Javi Grillo-Marxuach
"I read
’s original half hour SOFA KING for the #wgasolidaritychallenge and I thought it was great! Well defined characters, funny dialogue, and a fun premise. Geetika would be a fabulous additional to your comedy room!"
Biniam Bizuneh@biniambizONION BOY

Script link:
Inspired by a real hospital in Saudi Arabia, PRINCES' HOSPITAL is a one-hour drama that follows the adventures of the extravagantly paid ex-pat doctors and nurses who treat only the 20,000 members of the royal family. Money, danger and secrets abound. Think GREY’S ANATOMY meets HOMELAND.1/2 hrDavid H. Steinberg"I read
’s original half hour pilot ONION BOY and really liked it. It’s a grounded but hilarious period comedy about a 1st gen Ethiopian-Am kid navigating middle school. Please consider him for your comedy room!"
Natalie Smyka@NatalieSmykaBOTANICA1 hrDailyn Rodriguez"In the script Botanica, a dead Cuban Abuela haunts her hipster mixologist granddaughter in order to force her into accepting her talents as a spiritualist.
wrote a really charming funny script. Thanks for letting me read it!"
Kiki Nguyen@KiananguDATING INDIAAn inexperienced 26 year-old bisexual woman navigates the uncharted and wild adventure of dating with the help of a sardonic lesbian.
1/2 hrPatrick Meighan"I'm boosting "Dating India" by
. I've never read a script like this. It's super-funny and beyond-authentic, with a gutsy POV that I just can't get out of my head. It's not for kids! But you should check it out, 'cause... damn. "
Hayley Frazier@hayley__frazierFORCED RETIREMENTNeedAriana Jackson"Loved
's pilot Forced Retirement. Stuck in a retirement community, a group of jaded boozers form a crime club when fellow residents start dropping dead - of MURDER, not, like, old age. Great characters, hilarious! "
Kaycee Felton-Lui@KayceefeltonluiDISGRACE

Script link:
A mild-mannered assistant pastor begins to experience seemingly supernatural events after his mentor, the church’s magnetic leader, goes missing. 1 hr
Taylor Elmore
Alexander Maggio
"I'm writing to recommend Kaycee Felton-Lui, with whom I worked on Limitless before keeping track of her work as she went on to write "The Code" for Craigs Sweeny and Turk. Her sample is DISGRACE, and I thought she did a really great job dealing with complex subject matter without engaging in easy cliches of character while maintaining a solid propulsion throughout."

Script link:
When a sad, agoraphobic, dreamer finally leaves her home, she awkwardly and murderously stumbles into true love.1/2 hrDavid H. Steinberg"I read
and also sketch comedy BSU and I gotta tell you Charity Miller has a strong comedic voice and laugh out loud dialogue! Let’s get her staffed! "
Brett Ryland@brettrylandWE ARE NOT NORMAL1 hrDailyn Rodriguez""We Are Not Normal" written by
made me laugh my ass off! This is one of my favorite scripts I've read so far. It's a fast paced hilarious story about a very dysfunctional family! I really hope it's not his actual family. 😂"
Lisa Kors@hippiechickflixPRINCES' HOSPITAL

Script link:
Inspired by a real hospital in Saudi Arabia, PRINCES' HOSPITAL is a one-hour drama that follows the adventures of the extravagantly paid ex-pat doctors and nurses who treat only the 20,000 members of the royal family. Money, danger and secrets abound. Think GREY’S ANATOMY meets HOMELAND.1 hr
Beth Szymkowski
P Davis
Ben Blacker
"DRAMA SHOWRUNNERS: Take a look at @hippiechickflix's PRINCES' HOSPITAL. It's a medical procedural set in a Saudi Arabian hospital exclusively for royals. It's a hilarious and thoughtful and just delightful. "
Glenn Farrington@HaHaScribeNIGHT SHARKS1 hrJavi Grillo-Marxuach"another #wgasolidaritychallenge shout out, this one for
whose spec pilot "night sharks" is a gritty (i would go as far as "scuzzy," but in the best possible way) period piece set in the gambling underworld of 1950s/70s new york. strong stuff, well done."
Pilot Viruet@pilotviruetBRUISERS1 hrJavi Grillo-Marxuach" @pilotviruet
's spec pilot "bruisers" is a queer coming-of-age high school drama that tosses in roller derby and great characters for good measure, a really solid sample!"
Jeremy Kaufman@OhNoItsHeddoHYBERNIA1 hrChris Provenzano"Just finished
's creepy, character-driven, hour-long oil rig pilot "Hybernia." Punchy and propulsive, with shades of Aliens/Abyss-era James Cameron. Immersive reading experience (no pun intended.) Wish there was a 2nd episode."
Ken Blankstein@WarmFuzzyBlanky1) ROBBIE


Script link:
PRESENCE is a workplace comedy set at a place a lot like Scientology but called something different because I'm scared of Scientology.

Set in 1987, ROBBIE is a dark half-hour comedy focusing on a doughy and defenseless socially awkward thirteen-year old as he decides to finally take action against his bullying older brother.
1/2 hr
Chris Provenzano
Patrick Meighan
Andy Schwartz
"Writer friends! Just read
's tough and tender half hour script "Robbie." It's a period half-hour that takes a page from John Hughes in his prime. Funny, angsty, heartbreaking, and sharply observed. Check it out. "
Mark Kramer@kramerkramISO BALL1/2 hrPatrick Meighan"I'm boosting ISO BALL, by
. Filipino-American hooper on a small college campus. A laugh on every page. This script was a genuine delight. I fucking dare you to read it and not love it. "
Monique Kim
& Nate Grams
HOBOKEN INTERNATIONAL1/2 hrPatrick Meighan"I'm boosting "Hoboken International", by
and Nate Grams. A deeply silly pilot about deeply stupid workers in a deeply terrible airport. I laughed soooooo much. If you're staffing a comedy, give these guys a look. "
Kate Scarpetta@kate_scarpettaUNDER PAR1/2 hrDailyn Rodriguez"@kate_scarpetta
's script "Under Par" is about women professional golfers in the developmental circuit. Think Eastbound & Down with politically incorrect irreverent ladies. I know zero about golf but she won me over with the characters! #wgastaffingboost "
Jai Tiggett@JaiTiggettBLACK MAGIC1 hrDailyn Rodriguez"Just read
's script, BLACK MAGIC - a period drama that tells the story of the 1920s Harlem Renaissance arts movement. Wonderfully written. Witty, fun and poignant."
Molly Manning@moirajmHOMELESS1 hrJavi Grillo-Marxuach"a #WGASolidarityChallenge shout out to
on "homeless" - a tough, ultra gritty cop drama in the "ray donovan" mold that tackles sensitive (and cable-ready) subject matter in a way that reminded me of a 70's movie. also kudos on the comic book store scene, keepin' it real!"
Nikhil Jayaram@NsjayaramLIONESS1 hrJavi Grillo-Marxuach"a #WGASolidarityChallenge shout out to
on his pilot "lioness" an epic period piece about amazon (they prefer oiorparta) warriors - if i were staffing my version of #xena (oy, don't get me started), nikhil would be on the roster based on this script."
Christopher Derrick@UnauthorizedCBD1) SACRED GROUND

1 hr
Paul Guyot
Javi Grillo-Marxuach
"One last #wgasolidaritychallenge until I can make more time.
has exactly what all UL’s should be looking for - an original voice.
One of the best pilots I’ve read in a while, check it out."
Sara Benincasa@SaraJBenincasaCODEPENDENT AF1/2 hrDuncan Birmingham"Just read an edgy, very funny highly dysfunctional relationship cable 1/2 comedy (Codependent AF) by
who I'm confident would be a rainbow of joy, fun stories & big ha ha's in any writers' room.
We're still doing this, right? "