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PrioActivity nameDescriptionWhoStatusAddedDeadlineLast actionComment
4Conversation forum processCreate the process for the conversation forum.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202013-03-20
2Publish this listMake the project TODO list accessible for the public.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-01-20Published at the Participate page on the website.
5Transfer activitiesTransfer all activities from the old todo list to this one.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-01-20Old todo list scrapped
5Spelling error Fix spelling error in web synopsis: '4.3.1 Kaospilot Outpost project At the time of synopsis publicatio'BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-01-21Changed in both offline and online version.
2New exam criteriaRead the revised document with project exam criteria.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-01-22Read. Overall looks like a good project fit. The project should take advantage of the possibility to request specific subject censors.
5Prepare guidancePrepare for the guidance session with Pete Sims 2014-01-22.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-01-222014-01-22Document with questions and comments completed. Harvest on paper.
4Diary logUpdate the TIL shared diary with proejct progressBWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-01-262014-01-24
4Research field containmentCreate a document explaining the areas of research in more detail.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-01-312014-01-24Published online.
3T18 presentation to webCreate a web page telling the history of the project; based in the T18 presentation text.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-212014-01-24
3Fetoun RedaFetoun Reda has expressed interest in getting interested in the project. Write a proposal about how.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-222014-01-24Have written a Facebook message with some information about the project, encouraging to read the synopsis and look through this list, thinking about how to participate.
5Revise project timelineUpdate the project timeline based on the new exam document.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-222014-01-262014-01-24No major changes needed.
3Replace Facebook coverIt's ugly. Get a new one. What will Burning Land look like?BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-242014-01-25Walden quote.
31 on 1 talk about AOHComplement reading about Art of Hosting with a conversation with somebody who has undergone the training. Preparation for conversations about commitment.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-01-292014-01-29
5Book location for commitment talkBook a suitable location for the conversation. Floor 6 is taken by Laura G and Anne E.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-01-292014-01-29Floor 5.
5Logotype design reachoutAsk graphical designers if they can create a logo and visual identity for the project. Combine with blog post.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-01-302014-01-29Email sent. A winner will be selected 2014-02-09.
5Presentation of project to T18Create a 5 minute presentation about the project to be delivered to T18 in Aarhus.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-01-262014-01-29
5Buy wine & snacksBuy wine and snacks for the commitment talk session 2014-01-30BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-01-302014-01-30
4Design agenda for commitment talkCreate a work process to extract as much meaningful learning as possible from the session 2014-01-30BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-01-302014-01-30
4Detailed information about contributionWrite a text in more detail about how people can contribute to the project. Find specific tasks.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-01-30This list will do for now. Another system will be put in place if needed.
4Read AOH-document from PeteDocument stored in Dropbox, preparation before conversations about commitment.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-01-232014-01-30
3Blog post: Ensure commitmentWrite a blog post about thoughts around securing commitment, extracted from the 2014-01-30 session.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-01-31Two blog posts created.
4Blog post: Conversations a CTransform the harvest from the 2014-01-30 session into a blog post, distribute publicly and among pilots.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-312014-01-31
3Donation boxSet up a discrete system for monetary contribution.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-252014-02-03Bitcoin donations available to 1Q3X8qbBfwA7suyChrsUeFiLNC58qp8raL - Next step: Create a proper donation page.
3Blog post: Relation to the 10 principlesWrite a blog post about how the project relates to the ten principles and why the principles are going to help moving things forward rather than slowing things down.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-282014-02-03Created as static page instead.
4Hanna LundgrenHow can we make the best use of the possibility to involve a psychologist as a mentor when it comes to commitment building. Write a proposal and communicate to her.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-232014-02-03No responses. Assuming she is no longer interested in participating.
3Invite to FB pageInvite people to like the Facebook page and post in relevant groups.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-02-022014-02-04List of groups has been stored in scraps.
4No-debt policyHow should such a policy be phrased and expressed publicly?BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-282014-02-05Blog post created. Will also be incorporated in the business plan.
2Google AlertsGo through Google alerts; remove and make new. Go through the last news in the fields.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-292014-02-05Intentional community, afrikaburn, off the grid.
5Book plane ticketsBook travel to Cape Town. Last possible return date is may 18.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-232014-02-06February 24 to May 18.
5Contact Luke BoshierWrite Luke Boshier explaining the project and the similarities seen. Ask to visit his new project and work with them for a couple of days.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-02-08Email conversation started to scan the terrain.
49 Basic human needsHow does the project relate to the 9 basic human needs (Max-Neef-matrix). How to use the result?BWNCOMPLETED2014-02-062014-02-08Blog post published.
3Restructure mailboxesRestructure mailboxes to a TODO/WIP/DONE-praxis with rules and separation of incoming messages.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-02-10Done (enough for now).
3Nomad toursFollow up on email from Andreas, look for collaboration potential.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-292014-02-10Cannot see any immediate synergies but will keep the contact details to have a way in later.
5Judge contestChoose the winner from the visual identity contest.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-292014-02-092014-02-10No applications JJO got the job instead.
4Ulf NauclérUlf wanted to help out with research; find a good research subject and define a task.BWNCOMPLETED2014-02-102014-02-10Research in finding other interesting settlements.
5Connect with MeshfieldFollow up with Pete and Zarina on introductions and write an introductory letter to connect. How can they be connected to the T19 outpost?BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-232014-01-302014-02-11Zarina, Sean and Pete are writing introductory emails to connect and start the conversation.
2Pay for WEPay R2100 for rent of Woodstock ExchangeBWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-02-12
2Integral theoryTake a look at Ken Wilbers integral theory and look if it bears meaning in relation to the project. Read with caution.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-232014-02-19Not sure that we need more ways to explain the nature of reality.
4Adriaan WesselsBook a meeting with Adriaan Wessels in Cape Town to talk about intentional communities, off-the-grid living and relations with Afrikaburn.BWNCOMPLETED2014-02-112014-02-262014-02-26Meeting booked for 2014-02-26. Prepare accordingly for open-ended conversation.
4Subject censor proposalsRequest a specific subject censor, and the school will try to accommodate the request, based on the the criteria of finding the optimal fit, and logistics. Submit requests to Siri, by email.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-222014-03-172014-02-28https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ar0fgzOdnAiMdDI2OFhFcWdDVFN6T3JZcDJNeEtpY0E&usp=sharing#gid=0 - Current listing: Zach Klein, Daniel DeTerrence Brooks, Josh Forrester
4Complexities of land searchWrite a blog post about the complexities of finding the right plot of land. Which are the different aspects that all need to interrelate in order to make a both concious and intuitive choice?BWNCOMPLETED2014-02-272014-02-28
5New websiteWrite a blog post about the new web design, why, and thank the designer.BWNCOMPLETED2014-03-012014-03-01
3Wordpress themeFind and install a suitable wordpress themeJJOCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-03-02
4Rewrite participateThe page is out of date. Update.BWNCOMPLETED2014-03-032014-03-03
4HampusWrite an introductory message expressing gratitude for being able to connect.BWNCOMPLETED2014-02-212014-03-04
3Repository of graphical contentIn order to generate more social media reach graphical content is needed. Create a repository and start gathering / producting early material.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-242014-03-05Up and running.
4T20 Business projectWrite a proposal to Kaospilot Team 20 throughly explaining the business part of the project; looking into the possibility to get a project group as help with the business development part of the project.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-242014-03-05
5Short descriptionMake a short description sketch of the project plan. Show the planned way forward in a couple of simple steps.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-03-05New web design makes this obsolete.
3Connect blog with FacebookInstall and configure a plugin to make automatic Facebook posts when updating the blog.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-242014-03-05Prefer to have a higher level of interactivity in the posting than what current plugins provide.
4WIXLook at WIX as a possible tool for rebuilding the website.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-282014-03-05Irrelevant as new website is now up.
2Geoff LawtonSkim through a couple of Geoff Lawtons permaculture videos to see if they are relevant for the project.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-232014-03-05http://geofflawton.com/ – A great deal of relevance and inspiration.
3Blog post: MicronationsWrite a blog post about Micronations - What are they and why do they exist? Why make BL a micronation?BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-03-06
2Read conversation material from TueArticle stored in Dropbox.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-03-06
4ParkOffHow can Burning Land be made a part of ParkOff?BWNCOMPLETED2014-02-142014-03-052014-03-07Will engage in AB Outreach and have conversations with P Barker and D Isaacs.
5Azraa's workWrite a Facebook post about being interviewed by Azraa R and what might possibly come out of it.BWNCOMPLETED2014-03-092014-03-10
4GuidancePrepare for the guidance session with Pete Sims 2014-03-10, 14.00.BWNCOMPLETED2014-03-052014-03-102014-03-10
4Board of MentorsCreate a list of possible mentors.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-03-11Long live the informal structures.
3Blog post: DisagreementHow can we sustain a health level of disagreement and not turn into a sect.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-03-13Could benefit from a conversation forum.
3Blog post: Do-ocracyWrite blog post: What is do-ocracy in practice?BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-03-13
4Guidance notesMake sense of notes from guidance 2014-03-13BWNCOMPLETED2014-03-132014-03-17Communicated to Pete Sims together with an early headline prototype of product definition.
5AlexanderWrite an update to Alexander BBWNCOMPLETED2014-03-162014-03-172014-03-17
5Review censorsLook at the censor list and make sure that it's final.BWNCOMPLETED2014-03-162014-03-172014-03-17Completed. Zach, Josh, Christian.
4Conversation forum space and timeFind a space and choose a time for the first conversation forum.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-03-072014-03-17
4Conversation forum invitationWrite an invitation for the first conversation forum.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-03-072014-03-18
4Conversation forum participant listCompile a list of possible participants of the first conversation forum in Cape Town.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-03-072014-03-18
3Revise learning strategyRevise the learning strategy document and theorise on suitable changes with new concept.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-222014-03-20Received answer from M Nottelman which seems somewhat irrelevant. Too late to revise strategy in any way than report follow-up now.
4Blog post: CF2Write a blog post harvesting the learnings from the second conversation forum.BWNCOMPLETED2014-03-202014-03-21
4CopyrightWrite a section about our copyright and transparency-policy.BWNCOMPLETED2014-03-092014-03-23
4LundwallThank A Lundwall for helping to spread the word via Listserve.BWNCOMPLETED2014-03-092014-03-23
3Paul BarkerBook a meeting with Paul Barker to talk about permaculture, settlement design etc.BWNCOMPLETED2014-02-052014-03-24Now this ended in a weird way. Paul has declared that he has no interest in the project.
3Earth Collective - Living LandsCheck project relevance and contact if it seems meaningful.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-302014-03-24Irrelevant.
3JRSWrite an article about the project and email to JRS.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-312014-03-24Whoa, this thing has 170k readers.
5Project plan foundationCreate the working document for the project plan and map in the headlines.BWNCOMPLETED2014-03-242014-03-24
4Call outWrite a call out for needed participation.BWNCOMPLETED2014-03-242014-03-24
4LuluthoWrite the Lulutho eco village project and see if there are possibilities for collaboration.BWNCOMPLETED2014-03-062014-03-25Contacted with greetings from Dougald Hine. http://www.lulutho.org/where.htm
4Blog post: Intentional communityIs Burning Land an intentional community? If not, what is it?BWNCOMPLETED2014-02-122014-03-27No way.
4Picture repoRestructure picture repo.BWNCOMPLETED2014-03-272014-03-31
4Find other settlementsFind other settlements with potential for collaboration, compile to a contact list with web links, contact info and motivations.UNACOMPLETED2014-02-102014-04-01Closing item as this will be an ongoing activity; tips are constantly coming in through conversation.
4Sanna LindqvistContact Sanna and ask for BM pictures that could be suitable for BL website. Share dropbox for content.BWNCOMPLETED2014-02-102014-04-02No response. Closing activity
4Connect business peopleWrite a connecting email between the different parties who've expressed interest in taking part in the business side of things.BWNCOMPLETED2014-04-032014-04-03Looped in Hördur and Michael.
4Prep for guidancePrepare for guidance with Pete Sims 2014-04-04.BWNCOMPLETED2014-04-022014-04-042014-04-04
2Revise static website pagesGo through all the pages published at the website (not blog posts) and check if they are still relevant or if something needs to be updated.MWICOMPLETED2014-01-242014-03-282014-04-06Michael will attend to this at his convenience - closing activity.
5Business activitiesBreak down project plan headlines into activities.BWNCOMPLETED2014-03-192014-04-032014-04-07Collaborative plan created and participation divided per headlines.
5Define tasks and call outDefine the tasks needed until plan delivery and call out for collaborators.BWNCOMPLETED2014-04-072014-04-07Has become a continious job which needs systemization.
3Who-pageCreate a static page explaining who the project contributors are and why they think BL is important.JJOCOMPLETED2014-02-192014-04-08
4Book meeting with Rob & ConBook a meeting with Conrad Lattimer and Robert Weinek, together with a revised agenda from the last time as some activities are no longer a part of the project.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-202014-03-072014-04-09No time for this anymore, and coordination is breaking down as Afrikaburn comes closer. Closing activity.
5Move to Google groupNeed to send a re-invitation to all that has not yet accepted the initial invitation and to compose a final email outside of the list.BWNCOMPLETED2014-04-102014-04-132014-04-13Invitations resent together with information email.
3Visual project overviewCreate a sketch that displays the different elements of the project and how they are connected.BWNCOMPLETED2014-01-302014-04-18
3Replace BM CanvasReplace it with a LEAN Canvas. Makes more sense. And make it look good.BWNCOMPLETED2014-02-032014-04-18
3Project awareness via KPCPTWrite a post to spread information about the project and send to Rasmus for review and potential posting.BWNCOMPLETED2014-02-052014-04-07
3Nah TaoBook a meeting with Nah Tao in Sydney. How can we create the most meaningful collaboration?BWNCOMPLETED2014-02-122014-05-27Continious conversation established.
4DanielleContact Danielle Moliani and send first business plan headlines.BWNCOMPLETED2014-03-26
4Email serviceSetup Burning Land email forwarding for externally published participants.BWNCOMPLETED2014-04-072014-04-13Administred via Loopia.
5HandoverHand over to Michael: Dropbox, activity list, Google group admin previliges etcBWNCOMPLETED2014-04-132014-04-20
3Blog post: InhabitantsWhat are the characteristics of a good inhabitant? What skills and characteristics are needed to build a good team?NOT STARTED2014-01-20
4Letter of invitation: Dave PollardInvite Dave Pollard to conversations about the project. Look for possible connections or sparring.BWNNOT STARTED2014-01-20http://howtosavetheworld.ca/
3Letter of invitation: Megan BeyerInvite Megan Beyer to conversations about the project. Look for possible connections or sparring.BWNNOT STARTED2014-01-20
4System for collaborative researchCreate a simple way for contributors to take part in the project research: how to give tips, synthesize and make connections. Find a platform.NOT STARTED2014-01-20
3Visual timelineCreate a visual project timeline for web publicationNOT STARTED2014-01-20