Deal DateStages
Upfront Cash ($M)
Upfront Equity ($M)
Deal Size ($M)
Upfront Share (%)
R&DClientDeal TypesDeal SubjectContractsPRsDeal SourceExclusivityLicensor CategoryLicensee CategoryDiseasesIndicationsTechnologiesSub TechnologiesTerritorySub-TerritoryMOA CategoryMolecular TargetDrug Mode of ActionProfit Split (%)Financial Term Explanations
05/2019DiscoveryBicycle TherapeuticsDementia Discovery FundOption, Research
Bicyclic peptides for dementia with option to jointly launch company to develop identified compounds
YesPRCentral Nervous SystemDementiaPeptides
05/2019Phase I, Orphan IndicationForty SevenAstraZeneca, Acerta PharmaResearch
Evaluation of 5F9 combined with rituximab and acalabrutinib for Large B-cell lymphoma
YesPR2013-19 IPOsTop PharmaCancerLymphomaMonoclonals, SyntheticsSmall Molecule
Kinase, Immuno-Oncology
CD20, bruton agammaglobulinemia tyrosine kinase (BTK)Inhibitor
05/2019Discovery 50.00 5.00 Goldfinch BioGilead
Co-Development, Co-Promotion, Equity, License, Option, Research
Kidney Genome Atlas to identify and validate targets for diabetic nephropathy, rare kidney diseases
YesPRMajor BiotechRenalOther RenalWorldwide
$54M to support development of the KGA platform for DKD | $1.95 billion in research, development, regulatory and commercial milestones for the first five programs
05/2019DiscoveryHarbour BioMedChia Tai Tianqing PharmaceuticalCo-Development, License
Fully human antibody therapies for multiple oncology and immunology therapeutic targets
YesPRAutoimmune/Inflammatory, Cancer
Broad Focus Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Broad Focus Cancer
Monoclonals, TransgenicsHuman Abs
05/2019PreclinicalIconic TherapeuticsExelixisLicense, Option
ICON-2 antibody-drug conjugate targeting tissue factor to treat solid tumors
YesPRExclusiveCancerSolid TumorsMonoclonalsConjugates
05/2019DiscoveryKymera TherapeuticsVertexEquity, License, Option, Research
Pegasus drug discovery platform to advance small molecule protein degraders against multiple targets
YesPRMajor BiotechSyntheticsSmall Molecule
$70M upfront including an equity investment | Kymera is eligible to receive in excess of $1 billion in research, development, regulatory, and commercial milestones for up to six programs | tiered royalties
05/2019PreclinicalLigandCumulus OncologyLicenseVER250840 Chk1 kinase inhibitor for cancerYesPRExclusiveCancerBroad Focus CancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwide
Tiered royalties in the mid-to-high single digit range | Ligand will receive an upfront license fee, and is eligible to receive over $76M of milestone payments
05/2019Phase III 17.50 150.00 11.67 MediWoundVericelLicense, Supply
NexoBrid topical wound healing product for severe burns in North America
YesPRExclusive2013-19 IPOsDermatologicBurnsDrug Delivery, PeptidesTopicalNAFTAAll NAFTA Countries
Tiered royalties ranging from high single-digit to low double-digit percentages | $7.5M upon U.S. BLA approval
05/2019PreclinicalNationwide Childrens HospitalSarepta TherapeuticsLicense, Option
Calpain 3 (CAPN-3) gene therapy for Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2A
YesPRResearch InstitutionOther/MiscellaneousGenetic DisordersOligonucleotidesGene TherapyGene Therapy
05/2019PreclinicalNumabCStone PharmaceuticalsLicense, Research
ND021 PD-L1/4-1BB/HSA monovalent tri-specific scMATCH3 for cancer in China, South Korea, Singapore
YesPRExclusiveCancerBroad Focus CancerMonoclonalsAsiaImmuno-Oncology
tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor superfamily member 9 (TNFRSF9) (CD137) (4-1BB), programmed cell death 1 ligand 1 (PD-L1) (B7-H1) (CD274)
Agonist, Inhibitor
CStone will fund the research and development of ND021 up to completion of an initial Phase Ib clinical trial
05/2019Phase III 2.00 2.00 51.50 7.77 OnconovaHanX BiopharmaceuticalsLicense, SupplyRigosertib (RAS effector) for myelodysplastic syndromes in ChinaYesPRExclusive2013-19 IPOsCancerLeukemia, Other CancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina
$2M in Onconova shares purchased at a premium | HanX will place $2M in escrow in local currency for rigosertib clinical development expenses in China | Tiered royalties up to double digits | $45.5M in regulatory, development. and sales milestones
05/2019PreclinicalParvus TherapeuticsRoche, GenentechLicense
Navacim therapeutics for inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune liver diseases and celiac disease
YesPRTop Pharma
Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Gastrointestinal, Liver & Gallbladder Diseases
IBD - Crohn's Disease, IBD - Other, IBD - Ulcerative Colitis, Other Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Other Liver & Gallbladder Diseases
05/2019DiscoverySkyhawk TherapeuticsTakedaLicense, Research
SkySTAR platform to discover small molecules RNA splicing modifiers for neurodegenerative diseases
YesPRExclusiveTop PharmaCentral Nervous SystemBroad Focus Central Nervous SystemSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwide
05/2019Phase IIITakedaPhathom PharmaceuticalsEquity, License
Vonoprazan for acid-related disorders and H. pylori in the US, Europe and Canada
YesPRExclusiveTop PharmaGastrointestinal, Infectious-BacterialEsophageal Reflux, Other Infectious-BacterialSyntheticsSmall MoleculeEurope, NAFTAAll European Countries, Canada, US
05/2019Discovery 10.00 TransgeneAstraZenecaCo-Development, License, Option, Research
Up to five engineered oncolytic vaccinia virus candidates for immuno-oncology indications
YesPRExclusiveTop PharmaCancerBroad Focus Cancer
$3M in preclinical milestones | Undisclosed option payment, plus additional development and commercial milestones for each product
05/2019Phase I, Orphan IndicationX4 PharmaceuticalsLeukemia & Lymphoma SocietyDevelopment
Therapy Acceleration Program funds to develop mavorixafor in Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia
YesPRResearch InstitutionCancerLymphomaSyntheticsSmall Molecule
04/2019DiscoveryAdageneADC TherapeuticsLicense, Research
Masked antibody combined with pyrrolobenzodiazepine cytotoxic payload technology for solid tumors
YesPRCancerSolid TumorsMonoclonalsConjugates
04/2019Discovery 400.00 400.00 1,625.00 49.23 AlnylamRegeneron PharmaceuticalsCo-Development, Equity, License, Option, Research
RNAi therapeutics for ophthalmic & CNS indications, programs targeting genes expressed in the liver
YesPRExclusiveMajor BiotechMajor Biotech
Central Nervous System, Liver & Gallbladder Diseases, Ophthalmic
Broad Focus Central Nervous System, Broad Focus Ophthalmic
OligonucleotidesRNAiWorldwide 50.00
4.44 million common shares @ $90.00/sh | For each program, Alnylam will receive $2.5M at program initiation and an additional $2.5 million at lead candidate, for up to $30M in annual
discovery funding | $200M in near-term milestones for the eye and
CNS programs | $325M in sales milestones for cemdisiran | low double-digit to 20% royalty in Eye Field | $150M in agg milestones for Eye Field targets | 50% PS in CNS & Liver Fields
04/2019Phase IAscentage PharmaShanghai Junshi BiosciencesResearch
Evaluation of APG-1387 combined with Toripalimab for solid and hematological tumors in China
Leukemia, Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, Solid Tumors
Monoclonals, SyntheticsHumanized Abs, Small MoleculeAsiaChinaImmuno-Oncologyapoptosis protein, programmed cell death 1 (PD-1) (PDCD1) (CD279)Inhibitor
04/2019DiscoveryAtomwiseDrugs for Neglected Diseases InitiativeResearch
Atomnet AI-based screening technology to identify compounds for Chagas disease
YesPRResearch InstitutionInfectious-MiscellaneousParasitic-MiscellaneousScreening
04/2019Discovery 20.00 15.00 450.00 7.78 Avidity BiosciencesLillyEquity, License, ResearchAntibody-oligonucleotide conjugates to treat immune diseasesYesPRTop PharmaAutoimmune/InflammatoryMonoclonals, OligonucleotidesConjugatesWorldwide
Tiered royalties ranging from the mid-single to low-double digits | $405M per target for development, regulatory and commercialization milestones
04/2019Phase IBayerHope MedicineLicense
Prolactin receptor antibody for hair loss, endometriosis, chronic disease indications
YesPRExclusiveTop Pharma
Genitourinary/Gynecologic, Other/Miscellaneous
Hair Growth, Other Genitourinary/GynecologicMonoclonalsHuman AbsWorldwide
04/2019Preclinical 20.00 BioAtlaBeiGeneCo-Development, LicenseCAB CTLA-4 antibody (BA3071) for cancerYesPR2013-19 IPOsCancerBroad Focus CancerMonoclonalsWorldwideImmuno-Oncologycytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4 (CTLA4) (CD152)
BeiGene is responsible for all costs in Asia excluding Japan, Australia and New Zealand | Undisclosed early clinical milestones, plus up to $249M in additional development and regulatory milestones globally and commercial milestones
04/2019DiscoveryBio-TechneElpiscience BioPharmaLicense, ResearchAntibody immunotherapies for cancerYesPRCancerMonoclonals
04/2019DiscoveryCalixarRegeneron PharmaceuticalsLicenseAntibodies against undisclosed target in multiple therapeutic areasYesPRMajor BiotechMonoclonals
04/2019DiscoveryCalixarThermo Fisher ScientificLicense, Research
Expression systems to produce membrane protein targets for drug discovery
04/2019Phase II, Orphan IndicationDermelix BiotherapeuticsEspeRareDevelopment
DMX-101 in utero protein replacement therapy for X- Linked Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia
YesPRDermatologic, Other/MiscellaneousGenetic Disorders, Other DermatologicRecombinant DNA
04/2019DiscoveryEditas MedicineBlueRock TherapeuticsCross-License, Research
Combined genome editing and cell therapy technologies to discover cell medicines
YesPRNon-exclusive2013-19 IPOs
Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Central Nervous System
Cell Therapy - Stem Cells/Factors
04/2019Phase I, Orphan IndicationEmory UniversityMoleculinResearch
Phase I evaluation of WP1066 in children with recurrent or refractory malignant brain tumors
YesPRResearch Institution2013-19 IPOsCancerBrainSyntheticsSmall MoleculeImmuno-Oncology
04/2019Phase IFameWaveBristol-Myers SquibbResearch
Phase I/II evaluation of CM-24 combined with nivolumab for non-small cell lung cancer
YesPRTop PharmaCancerLungMonoclonalsHuman Abs, Humanized AbsImmuno-Oncologyprogrammed cell death 1 (PD-1) (PDCD1) (CD279)Antagonist
04/2019Phase I, Orphan Indication 7.50 115.00 6.52 Fibrocell ScienceCastle Creek PharmaceuticalsCo-Development, License
FCX-007 gene therapy for recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa in the US
YesPRExclusiveDermatologic, Other/MiscellaneousGenetic Disorders, Other DermatologicOligonucleotidesGene TherapyNAFTAUSGene Therapycollagen type VIIReplacer 30.00
$75M consisting of $25M when FCX-007 achieves $250M in cumulative net sales and an additional $50M upon attaining $750M in cumulative net sales | Castle Creek will pay for all development and manufacturing expenses up to $20M prior to BLA filing with the FDA and is responsible for 70% of excess costs above the $20M. | $2.5M for the first patient enrolled in the Phase 3 clinical trial and $30M upon BLA approval and commercial readiness. | Fibrocell will receive a 30% share of the gross profits from FCX-007 sales.
04/2019DiscoveryForge TherapeuticsBasilea PharmaceuticaLicense, Research
Blacksmith metalloenzyme chemistry platform to identify antibiotics against two targets
YesPRInfectious-Bacterial$167M in development and sales milestones/target
04/2019Phase I, Orphan IndicationGlaxoSmithKlineFulcrum TherapeuticsEquity, License
Losmapimod p38 kinase inhibitor for facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy
YesPRExclusiveTop PharmaOther/MiscellaneousGenetic DisordersSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideAnti-Inflammatory
mitogen-activated protein kinase 14 (MAPK14) (p38) (p38-alpha) (p38MAPK)
04/2019Phase IIIGlobal Alliance for TB Drug DevelopmentMylanLicensePretomanid as part of BPaL and BPaMZ regimens for tuberculosisYesPRResearch InstitutionInfectious-BacterialTuberculosisSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideAntibacterialnitric oxide (NO)Stimulant
04/2019Lead MoleculeHitGenKaken PharmaceuticalLicenseSmall molecule leads against undisclosed targetYesPRExclusiveSyntheticsSmall Molecule
04/2019DiscoveryIndivumedEvotec AGLicense, Research
Indivutype database combined with PanHunter bioinformatics analysis platform for colorectal cancer
YesPRCancerColorectalBioinformatics, Monoclonals, SyntheticsSmall Molecule
04/2019PreclinicalInflamaCOREVariant PharmaceuticalsLicenseIC 100 inflammasome inhibitor for inflammatory diseasesYesPRExclusiveAutoimmune/InflammatoryMonoclonalsWorldwideGene Therapy
04/2019Discovery 15.00 1,050.00 1.43 InsitroGilead
Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Option, Research
Insitro Human platform to create disease models of NASH and identify up to five targets
YesPRMajor BiotechLiver & Gallbladder DiseasesFatty LiverGenomics
Low double-digit tiered royalties | Near term payments up to $35M based on operational milestones | $200M in development, regulatory and commercial milestones for each of the five Gilead targets
04/2019Phase I, Preclinical, Discovery 10.00 MedigeneRoivant Sciences, Cytovant SciencesDevelopment, License, Research
Four programs including TCR immunotherapy targeting NY-ESO-1 & DC vaccine targeting WT-1 and PRAME
YesPRExclusiveCancerBroad Focus CancerCell Therapy - Stem Cells/Factors, VaccinesAsiaChina, Japan, Other Asian
Cytovant will reimburse all R&D costs incurred by Medigene | Low double-digit royalties | Development, regulatory, and commercial milestones in excess of $1 billion for the four products across multiple indications
04/2019Phase IIMitsubishi, Mitsubishi Tanabe PharmaBausch Health, Salix PharmaceuticalsLicense
MT-1303 (amiselimod) for IBD, ulcerative colitis, autoimmune diseases WW ex-Japan
YesPRExclusiveJapanese PharmaMid Tier PharmaAutoimmune/Inflammatory, GastrointestinalIBD - Other, IBD - Ulcerative ColitisSyntheticsSmall Molecule
Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, NAFTA, South America
All African Countries, All European Countries, All Middle East Countries, All NAFTA Countries, All South American Countries, Australia, China, India, New Zealand, Other Asian, Southeast Asia
sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) receptorAntagonist
04/2019PreclinicalMonash UniversityQpex BiopharmaLicense
Polymyxin antimicrobials including colistin for drug-resistant gram-negative pathogens
YesExclusiveResearch InstitutionInfectious-BacterialBroad Focus Infectious-BacterialSyntheticsSmall Molecule
04/2019Preclinical, Orphan IndicationNationwide Childrens HospitalAudentes TherapeuticsLicense, Research
AT702 AAV-antisense candidate for Duchenne muscular dystrophy and myotonic dystrophy
YesPRExclusiveResearch Institution2013-19 IPOsOther/MiscellaneousGenetic DisordersOligonucleotidesAntisense/Triple helix, Gene Therapygene therapy adeno-associated viral vectors (AAV)
04/2019Phase III 5.00 PharmaMarLuye PharmaLicenseLurbinectedin (Zepsyre) for lung cancer in ChinaYesPRCancerLungSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina
DNA/RNA Disruption
RNA polymeraseInhibitorDouble digit royalties
04/2019Phase I, Formulation 22.00 22.00 100.00 PulmatrixCipla, Cipla TechnologiesCo-Development, Letter of Intent, License
Pulmazole (inhaled iSPERSE formulation of itraconazole) for allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis
YesYesSEC Full2013-19 IPOsInfectious-MiscellaneousFungalDrug Delivery, SyntheticsOther, Small MoleculeWorldwideAntifungal14 alpha-sterol demethylaseInhibitor 50.00
04/2019Phase IIRexahn PharmaceuticalsBioSense GlobalLicenseRX-3117 for pancreatic cancer and other cancers in ChinaYesPRExclusiveCancerPancreaticSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina
DNA/RNA Disruption
DNA synthesis, RNA synthesisInhibitor
Tiered low double digit to mid teen royalties | $226M in development, regulatory and commercial milestones
04/2019Phase ITessa TherapeuticsMerckResearch
Phase Ib/II evaluation of TT12 cell therapy combined with Keytruda in cervical cancer
YesPRTop PharmaCancerCervicalCell Therapy - Stem Cells/Factors, MonoclonalsHumanized Abs
Cell Therapy, Immuno-Oncology
programmed cell death 1 (PD-1) (PDCD1) (CD279)Antagonist
04/2019DiscoverytwoXARSK BiopharmaceuticalsLicense
AI-based discovery technology to identify drug candidates for lung cancer
04/2019DiscoveryVelabs TherapeuticsChiome BioscienceLicense, Research
Microfluidic screening technology to discover modulatory and functional antibodies against GPCRs
YesPRMonoclonals, ScreeningWorldwide
04/2019DiscoveryXencorAstellas PharmaLicenseBispecific antibodies against undisclosed cancer targetYesPRExclusive2013-19 IPOsJapanese PharmaCancerMonoclonalsBispecificWorldwide
03/2019Phase I 25.00 650.00 3.85 Affibody ABAlexionCo-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Option
ABY-039 anti-FcRn Affibody for rare Immunoglobulin G-mediated autoimmune diseases
YesPRMajor BiotechAutoimmune/InflammatoryMonoclonalsImmuno-OncologyFc fragment of IgG, receptor, transporter, alpha (FCGRT) (FCRN)
Tiered low double-digit royalties | $625M in development and sales milestones
03/2019Discovery 10.00 475.00 2.11 AmbrxBeiGeneLicense, Option, Research
Expanded Genetic Code platforms to discover biologic drug candidates for cancer
YesPR2013-19 IPOsCancerBroad Focus CancerMonoclonalsConjugatesWorldwide
Ambrx will receive $19M if BeiGene elects to initiate additional programs, and up $446M in development, regulatory, and sales-based
milestones for all programs
03/2019Phase II 1.00 9.00 11.11 Aslan PharmaceuticalsBioGeneticsLicenseASLAN003 for AML & solid tumors in S KoreaYesSEC RedactedExclusive2013-19 IPOsCancerSolid TumorsSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaOther AsianEnzyme Inhibitordihydroorotate dehydrogenase (DHODH)Inhibitor
Double digit royalties to mid-20s, per Aslan's 2018 20-F | $8M in agg milestones, per Aslan's 2018 20-F
03/2019Phase III 1,350.00 6,900.00 19.57 Daiichi SankyoAstraZenecaCo-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Supply
Trastuzumab deruxtecan (DS-8201) antibody-drug conjugate for HER2-positive cancers WW ex-Japan
YesPRJapanese PharmaTop PharmaCancerBroad Focus CancerMonoclonalsConjugates
Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, NAFTA, South America
All African Countries, All European Countries, All Middle East Countries, All NAFTA Countries, All South American Countries, Australia, China, India, New Zealand, Other Asian, Southeast Asia
DNA topoisomerase I, epidermal growth factor receptor type 2 (HER2) (ERBB2) (receptor tyrosine-protein kinase erbB-2)
Antagonist, Inhibitor
$1.35 billion half of which is due upon execution, with the remainder payable 12 months later | $3.8 billion in regulatory milestones
03/2019DiscoveryEnamineLundbeck A/SLicense, Research
REAL database to support drug discovery and identify hit series in multiple research programs
YesPRMid Tier PharmaScreening
03/2019DiscoveryEvotec AGThe Mark Foundation for Cancer ResearchResearch
Funding to advance oncology therapeutics based on TargetAlloMod drug discovery platform
YesPRCancerSyntheticsSmall Molecule
03/2019Discovery 25.00 ExscientiaCelgeneLicense, Research
Centaur Chemist AI-based platform to discover small molecules for cancer and autoimmune indications
YesPRMajor BiotechAutoimmune/Inflammatory, CancerSyntheticsSmall Molecule
03/2019DiscoveryHitGenAlmirallLicense, Research
DNA encoded chemical libraries to discover small molecule leads against dermatology targets
YesPRMid Tier PharmaDermatologicDermatitisScreening, SyntheticsSmall Molecule
03/2019DiscoveryHitGenSun Pharma Advanced Research CompanyLicense, Research
DNA encoded chemical libraries to discover small molecule leads against undisclosed targets
YesPRScreening, SyntheticsSmall Molecule
03/2019Phase IIIdera PharmaceuticalsBristol-Myers SquibbCo-Development
Tilsotolimod (TLR agonist) with Yervoy (ipilimumab) and Opdivo (nivolumab) for solid tumors
YesSEC RedactedNon-exclusiveTop PharmaCancerSolid TumorsSyntheticsSmall MoleculeImmuno-Oncology
toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9), cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4 (CTLA4) (CD152)
Agonist, Inhibitor
03/2019DiscoveryIktosMerck KGaALicense
Generative modelling artificial intelligence technology for three drug discovery projects
YesPRTop Pharma
03/2019Preclinical 40.00 605.00 6.61 ImmuNextLillyLicense, Research
Preclinical target to treat autoimmune disorders by regulating immune cell metabolism
YesPRExclusiveTop PharmaAutoimmune/InflammatoryMonoclonalsWorldwide
Tiered royalties ranging from the mid-single to low-double digits | $565M in development and commercialization milestones,
03/2019Phase IImmunoBiology
China National Biotec Group, Lanzhou Institute of Biological Product
Co-Development, LicensePnuBioVax vaccine against pneumococcal infection in ChinaYesPRInfectious-BacterialOther Infectious-BacterialVaccinesAsiaChina
03/2019Phase IILillyTranscenta, Hangzhou Just BiotherapeuticsEquity, License
Portfolio of bone disease biotherapeutics including blosozumab for osteoporosis in China
YesPRTop PharmaBone DiseaseOsteoporosisMonoclonalsHumanized AbsAsiaChinaAntibodysclerostin (SOST)Inhibitor
03/2019Phase IILillyTranscentaEquity, LicenseBiotherapeutics including Blosozumab for bone diseases in ChinaYesPRExclusiveTop PharmaBone DiseaseOsteoporosisMonoclonalsHumanized AbsAsiaChinaAntibodysclerostin (SOST)Inhibitor
03/2019Discovery, FormulationNapaJen PharmaAstellas PharmaLicense, Research
Schizophyllan delivery technology to develop oligonucleotide therapeutic for undisclosed indications
YesPRJapanese PharmaDrug Delivery, OligonucleotidesOther
03/2019Phase I, Orphan IndicationProQR TherapeuticsWings TherapeuticsEquity, License
Spin out of Wings Therapeutics to develop RNA therapies for dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa
YesPR2013-19 IPOsDermatologic, Other/MiscellaneousGenetic Disorders, Other DermatologicOligonucleotides
03/2019Phase IITakedaPetra PharmaLicense
Serabelisib & two PI3Kalpha-specific inhibitors for all indications ex-undisclosed rare diseases
YesPRTop PharmaSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwide
03/2019DiscoveryTrianniSan Diego Biomedical Research InstituteLicense
Trianni Mouse monoclonal antibody discovery platform to support HIV vaccine research
YesPRInfectious-ViralHuman Immunodeficiency Virus/HIVMonoclonals, TransgenicsHuman Abs, Transgenic mice
03/2019DiscoverytwoXAROno PharmaceuticalLicense, Research
AI-platform to identify drug candidates for undisclosed neurological disease
YesPRExclusiveCentral Nervous SystemScreeningWorldwide
03/2019Preclinical, Orphan Indication 51.00 686.80 7.43 Vivet TherapeuticsPfizerEquity, License, Option
VTX-801 gene therapy for Wilson disease, acquisition of 15% equity stake with option to acquire 100%
YesPRTop Pharma
Liver & Gallbladder Diseases, Other/Miscellaneous
Genetic Disorders, Other Liver & Gallbladder Diseases
OligonucleotidesGene TherapyGene Therapy
€45 million (US$51 million) | €560 million (US$635.8 million) inclusive of the option exercise payment and clinical, regulatory, and commercial milestones
03/2019Preclinical 340.00 Wellcome Trust, King's College LondonMerckLicenseNon-opioid treatments targeting HCN2 for chronic neuropathic painYesPRResearch InstitutionTop PharmaCentral Nervous SystemPain
03/2019Discovery 25.00 15.00 Zealand PharmaAlexionEquity, License, Option, Research
Subcutaneously delivered peptide therapies against up to four complement pathway targets
YesPRExclusive2013-19 IPOsMajor BiotechPeptidesWorldwide
$495M in sales milestones for lead target | High single- to low double-digit royalties | $115M in development milestones for lead target | Option fee of $15 million for each of the three subsequent targets, plus additional development and sales milestones and royalty payments at a reduced price to the lead target.
02/2019Phase I3-V BiosciencesAscletis PharmaEquity, License
TVB-2640 (ASC40) FASN inhibitor for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in China
YesPRExclusiveLiver & Gallbladder DiseasesFatty LiverSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinaEnzyme Inhibitorfatty acid synthase (FASN) (FAS)Inhibitor
02/2019DiscoveryAbCelleraNovartisLicense, Research
Single-cell screening technology to discover mAbs against up to 10 targets
YesPRTop PharmaMonoclonals
02/2019DiscoveryAbproChia Tai Tianqing Pharmaceutical, NJCTTQLicense, Research
DiversImmune antibody platform to generate bispecific therapeutics for immuno-oncology indications
YesPRExclusiveCancerBroad Focus CancerMonoclonalsBispecificAsiaChina
$60 million in near-term R&D funding | Abpro eligible to receive up to $4 billion
02/2019Phase II, Orphan Indication 2.00 13.00 15.38 Aslan PharmaceuticalsBioGeneticsLicenseVarlitinib (ASLAN001 pan_HER inhibitor) for biliary tract cancer in S KoreaYesSEC RedactedExclusive2013-19 IPOsCancerOther CancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaOther AsianReceptor
epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) (ERBB) (ERBB1) (HER1) (PIG61) (mENA), epidermal growth factor receptor type 2 (HER2) (ERBB2) (receptor tyrosine-protein kinase erbB-2)
Double digit royalties up to mid-20s, per Aslan's 2018 20-F | $11M in agg milestones, per Aslan's 2018 20-F
02/2019Phase II 30.00 195.00 15.38 DermiraAlmirallCo-Development, License, Option, SupplyLebrikizumab (IL-13 ab) for atopic dermatitis in EuropeYesYesSEC RedactedExclusive2013-19 IPOsMid Tier PharmaDermatologicBroad Focus Dermatologic, DermatitisMonoclonalsHumanized AbsEuropeEuropean Union, Other European, Scandinavia
Double-digit royalties to low 20s, per Dermira's 3Q19 | $50M option exercise fee; $30 upon initiation of certain Phase 3 clinical studies and up to $85 upon the achievement of regulatory milestones and the first commercial sale of lebrikizumab in Europe. | CON sales milestones
02/2019Phase III, Formulation 86.00 Foresee PharmaceuticalsAccord HealthcareLicense
FP-001 LMIS (Leuprolide Mesylate Injectable Suspension) for prostate cancer
YesPRExclusiveCancerProstateDrug Delivery, PeptidesControlled Release
Africa, Asia, Europe, NAFTA, South America
All African Countries, All European Countries, All South American Countries, Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Other Asian, Southeast Asia
Receptorgonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor (GnRH)Agonist$86M in upfront, regulatory milestones and sales milestones
02/2019PreclinicalIFM TherapeuticsIFM DueLicense
Spinout of IFM Due to develop cGAS/STING antagonists for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases
YesPRAutoimmune/InflammatorySyntheticsSmall Molecule
02/2019Phase II 342.00 4,200.00 8.14 Merck KGaAGlaxoSmithKlineCo-Development, Co-Promotion, LicenseM7824 (bintrafusp alfa) bifunctional fusion protein for cancerYesPRTop PharmaTop PharmaCancerBroad Focus CancerMonoclonals, Recombinant DNABispecificWorldwideProteinprogrammed cell death 1 ligand 1 (PD-L1) (B7-H1) (CD274)Inhibitor
€300 million (US$342M) | Up to €500 million (US$570M) in development milestone payments related to data from the M7824 lung cancer program | Up to €2.9 billion (US$3.3 billion) in approval and commercial milestones
02/2019Phase III, Formulation 1.70 56.00 3.04 Moberg PharmaBayerLicense, Supply
MOB-015 topical formulation of terbinafine for onychomycosis in Europe
YesPRExclusiveTop PharmaInfectious-MiscellaneousFungalDrug Delivery, SyntheticsSmall Molecule, TopicalEuropeEnzyme Inhibitorsqualene monooxygenaseInhibitor
EUR 1.5 million | EUR 50 million (US$56M) in milestone payments, including EUR 1.5 million (US$1.7M) paid at signing
02/2019DiscoveryMorphic TherapeuticsJohnson & Johnson, JanssenLicense, Option, ResearchOral integrin therapies for undisclosed indicationsYesPRTop PharmaSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwide
Undisclosed upfront payment and research funding, and development, clinical and commercial milestones totaling over $725M.
02/2019Phase I, Orphan Indication
Myeloproliferative Neoplasm Research Consortium, Mount Sinai
ForbiusResearchPhase I/II evaluation of AVID200 TGF-beta inhibitor in myelofibrosisYesPRResearch InstitutionCancerOther CancerGrowth Factor
transforming growth factor (TGF) beta 1 (TGFB1), transforming growth factor (TGF) beta 3 (TGFB3)
02/2019Phase INeurotropeNIH, National Cancer InstituteResearch
CRADA to evaluate Bryostatin-1 in Phase I trial for leukemia and B-cell lymphoma
YesPRResearch InstitutionCancerLeukemia, LymphomaSyntheticsSmall Molecule
02/2019Phase IINovartisAnthos TherapeuticsEquity, License
Spinout of Anthos to develop MAA868 anti-Factor XI/XIa antibody for cardiovascular diseases
YesPRTop PharmaCardiovascularArrhythmiaMonoclonals
02/2019Phase II, Phase I, PreclinicalShanghai HaiHe BiopharmaCSPC PharmaceuticalJoint Venture
Joint venture to develop RMX1001, RMX1002, RMX2001, HH185 and CDK4/6i
Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Central Nervous System, Infectious-Bacterial
Osteoarthritis, Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tuberculosis
SyntheticsSmall Molecule
Enzyme Inhibitor, Receptor, Antibacterial
cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), prostaglandin E2 receptor EP4 subtypeAntagonist, Inhibitor
02/2019Phase III, Orphan Indication 530.00 SK BiopharmaceuticalsArvelle TherapeuticsLicenseCenobamate (YKP3089) for epilepsy in EuropeYesPRExclusiveCentral Nervous SystemEpilepsySyntheticsSmall MoleculeEuropeChannelsodium channelAntagonistAxovant will receive a 5% preferred equity stake in Arvelle
02/2019Preclinical, Orphan IndicationSosei, Heptares TherapeuticsInexiaEquity, License
Spin out of Inexia to develop preclinical intranasal small molecule orexin agonists for narcolepsy
YesPRCentral Nervous SystemSleep DisordersDrug Delivery, SyntheticsNasal, Small Molecule
02/2019Preclinical, Orphan IndicationSosei, Heptares TherapeuticsOrexiaEquity, License
Spin out of Orexia to develop oral small molecule orexin agonists for narcolepsy
YesPRCentral Nervous SystemSleep DisordersDrug Delivery, SyntheticsOral, Small Molecule
02/2019DiscoverySygnature DiscoveryPathios TherapeuticsEquity, License, Research
Integrated drug discovery program against G Protein-Coupled Receptor target
02/2019Phase ISyntrixNIHResearch
$3.4M grant to support Phase I/II trial of SX-682 in myelodysplastic syndrome
YesPRResearch InstitutionCancerLeukemia, Other CancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeReceptorinterleukin 8B receptor, interleukin 8A receptorAntagonist
02/2019Preclinical, Orphan Indication 90.00 TeneobioAbbVieLicense, OptionTNB-383B BCMA-targeting immunotherapeutic for multiple myelomaYesPRExclusiveTop PharmaCancerMultiple MyelomaMonoclonalsBispecificWorldwide
02/2019DiscoveryUniversity of DundeeTakedaResearchSmall molecules targeting tau pathologyYesPRResearch InstitutionTop PharmaCentral Nervous SystemAlzheimer's DiseaseSyntheticsSmall Molecule
02/2019Preclinical, Orphan IndicationUniversity of PennsylvaniaPassage BioLicense, Option, Research
Five AAV gene therapy products for rare monogenic CNS diseases, option to additional programs
YesPRResearch InstitutionOther/MiscellaneousGenetic DisordersOligonucleotidesGene Therapy
02/2019Discovery 15.00 Verseau Therapeutics3SBioEquity, License
Macrophage checkpoint modulator antibodies for all human oncology indications in China
YesPRExclusiveCancerBroad Focus CancerMonoclonalsAsiaChina$15 million of Verseau Series B preferred stock
02/2019Discovery 65.00 1,445.00 4.50 Voyager TherapeuticsAbbVieCo-Development, License, Option, Research
AAV gene therapy to pathological species of alpha-synuclein for Parkinson's
YesSEC RedactedExclusive2013-19 IPOsTop PharmaCentral Nervous SystemParkinson's DiseaseMonoclonals, OligonucleotidesGene Therapy, Human AbsWorldwide
$500M in agg sales milestones, per Voyager's 2/21/19 8-K | Mid-single digit royalty, per Voyager's 2/21/19 8-K | $80M for Research Compound, $75M on licesnse option exercise, plus $450M in dev/reg milestones for Parkinson's, per Voyager's 2/21/19 8-K | $30M for each of 3 add'l Research Compounds, plus $185M in dev/reg milestones for non-Parkinson's indication, per Voyager's 2/21/19 8-K
02/2019Preclinical, Discovery 120.00 460.00 26.09 XencorRoche, Genentech
Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Option, Research
XmAb24306 (IL-15 cytokine) and add'l IL-15 compounds for cancerYesYesSEC RedactedExclusive2013-19 IPOsTop PharmaCancerBroad Focus CancerMonoclonalsBispecificWorldwideImmuno-Oncologyinterleukin 15 (IL15)Inhibitor 45.00
$160M in development milestones for the XmAb24306 program, per Xencor's 3Q19 | $180M in development milestones for each new IL-15 drug candidate, per Xencor's 3Q19 | 45% PS, per Xencor's 3Q19 | Xencor pays 100% of Initial Studies & 45% of dev costs after Initial Studies
Expanded rights to AlivaMab Mouse platform for discovery of antibody-based therapeutics
YesPRNon-exclusiveTop PharmaMonoclonals, TransgenicsTransgenic mice
01/2019Discovery 300.00 Adaptive BiotechnologiesRoche, GenentechLicense, Research
TruTCR platform to develop neoantigen directed T-cell therapies for cancer
YesPRTop PharmaCancerBroad Focus CancerCell Therapy - Stem Cells/Factors, ScreeningWorldwide
Development, regulatory and commercial milestones in excess of $2 billion