Our Hackerspace questions

Herewith the survey form for our IT community: we want to build together a hackerspace. So first, we want to know what interest there is for the Hacker Space. The hackerspace will be community driven (everything runs than "naturally" by engineers) and at the start we want an ideal base for a cool community. So we hope for a cheap, great location where regularly good software / hardware meetings are held while engineers have room to work. Since we want to rent an office for this, we need a large group to lower our cost. We can do this by starting at minimal cost (office only) and naturally grow to more. We expect a large part of the furniture to obtain by donations. A software hackerspace does not need much: we only need wifi. A hardware hackerspace organization takes much more effort. Next: 10 short questions to help our good thinking! Many thanks for your time ;-)
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