Baldwin Wallace University - Office of Residence Life Fall 2013 Early Arrival Application

This is an application to arrive early to your Fall 2013 housing assignment prior to the official opening of the campus residences. This application is due Wednesday, August 7, 2013 by 8:00am and you will be notified of your status by Monday, August 12 via your BW e-mail address. Applications submitted after August 7 may not be processed in time for approval prior to your requested move-in date. IF YOU ARE APPLYING AS A MEMBER OF A SPONSORED GROUP PRE-APPROVED FOR EARLY ARRIVAL, we will check your application against the list provided by the coach/department head/supervisor that negotiated your early arrival. If you are on the list they provided and are arriving on the pre-approved date, you will not incur any charges for your early arrival if you submit this application by August 7. If you are on the approved list, but are requesting to come earlier that your group is approved to arrive, you will be charged $25 for each additional day IF YOUR APPLICATION IS APPROVED. If you are part of more than one group (e.g. you are an Orientation Leader AND a COL 101 Course Assistant), please fill out this application indicating the group arriving the earliest. DO NOT submit multiple applications! IF YOU ARE APPLYING AS AN INDIVIDUAL DUE TO EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES, please note that this application is a request for early arrival; it does not guarantee receiving approval. You will be notified via your BW e-mail as to your status by August 12, 2013, provided you submit this application by August 7. By submitting this application, you give Residence Life permission to bill your account $25 per day for each day you are approved prior to your regularly scheduled check in time. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Residence Life at 440-826-2114
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