ACE 2014 Spring 'College Theatre' Registration

Three of our ACE colleges allow ACE families to attend specific theatrical performances. However, you MUST register through ACE. ACE students and their parents may attend as many of the listed performances as they like. Tickets are compliments of ACE and the participating College Theatre Depts. ~ YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER FOR ALL SEATS. NO "WALK-INS". (ACE families are limited to 3 tickets, but call ACE for exceptions and/or more info.) THE SPRING PERFORMANCES ARE: 1. Cornell University: "IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT" Thurs. Mar. 20, 2014 ~ An extended long-form “Iazzi” adapted from the work of silent film actor Charlie Chaplin and inspired by his short film “One AM.”  (In One A.M. , Chaplin steps out of the Tramp persona to play an inebriated gadfly at war with his home, battling everything from a staircase to a suit of armor to a resistant Murphy bed, all seemingly set on keeping him from getting to sleep.) 2. Ithaca College: "GONE MISSING" Wed. Apr. 2, 2014 ~ How do we cope with the things that simply disappear out of our lives? This is a charmingly witty blending of documentary & musical, resulting in a show that is highly original and comically entertaining. Note: We have been informed that there is a reference to 'mature' subject matter (child abuse/molestation.) 3. SUNY Cortland: "CANDIDE" Fri. Apr. 4, 2014 ~ A “raucous, silly, and playful farce” which tells of an optimistic young man who having been taught that everything that happens in life must be for the best, travels the world experiencing one disaster after another until in disillusionment he repudiates this philosophy in favor of trying to just live a simple life. (Mature Audience: recommended for 15+) SEE THE ACE NEWSLETTER LINK FOR MORE IN DEPTH PLAY DESCRIPTIONS: Please FILL OUT this ENTIRE form (BELOW) and press the 'Submit' button when finished.
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PERFORMANCE Selection Information

Select the PRODUCTION(S) you wish to attend (below) and choose the number of TICKETS you'll need for EACH show. NOTE: You may bring 2 parents/family members (3 total). However, if there is room, extras are often available for siblings. Please check with ACE to be sure.

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