Summer Cyber Security Workshop - Summer 2014 (July 14 - 18)

This application form is for the 2014 summer workshop in cyber security for community/private college faculty. The capacity building project is funded by a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant that aims at promoting cyber-security education. The project is the result of a collaboration between Computer Science Department at Texas Tech University and Center for Security Studies at Angelo State University. This capacity building project involves instructors/faculty/teachers who lecture at community or private two or four year colleges. The program provides educational opportunities in the cyber-security related areas including: Cybercrime , Computer Forensics, Smart Grid Security, Computer Network Security, Software Security, Secure Programming, and Security Testing. This event is the second workshop in this series. Eligibility: To apply for this summer workshop, you must: 1) Be a faculty/instructor/teacher lecturing at community college or private two or four year college in West Texas, Eastern New Mexico, or Western Oklahoma. 2) Have a related IT, law, or business degree, diploma, or certifications. 3) Minorities including Hispanic and women are strongly encouraged to apply. Required Documents: 1) A completed application form 2) A full CV/Resume 3) An endorsement letter written and signed by the applicant's home department chair 4) Additionally, you may submit up to 3 additional pages as a statement of purpose describing the reasons of attending this summer workshop and the goals. Application Deadline: The application and all other materials should be received by April 15, 2014 Benefits The final participants will receive up to $2,000 in the form of reimbursement to cover their transportation, accommodation, and meal for their participation in the workshop. The Selection Process: Your application will be processed and reviewed by the project Investigators who are faculty members from Texas Tech University and Angelo State University. A voting mechanism will be employed to select the final candidates. The selection criteria rely on the motivation of the applicant as well as the endorsement letter written by the applicant's Department Chair. The project evaluator will be informed about the selected applicants. The project evaluator further uses the information anonymously for general reporting purposes to the National Science Foundation. The general information will include the demographics information anonymously. The project investigators strive to maintain the confidentiality of the applicants. Both Texas Tech University and Angelo State University are Equal Employment Opportunity Employers.
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The workshop organizers present a broad area of cyber security research and education. To make the workshop more effective, you may identify the topics that you are most interested in.

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