Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval Application

The Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval Application for the the current evaluation period is CLOSED. Please see below for the next submission and awarding period. Due to a limited number of volunteers who evaluate books, we accept submissions on a first-come, first-served basis. We accept the first 10 books each quarter and any additional books as we are able, depending on the number of evaluators we are able to secure. There is a limit of ONE BOOK PER AUTHOR PER QUARTER, with any additional titles being evaluated in future quarters or as time allows, depending on the number of submissions and available evaluators. IF YOU ARE RE-SUBMITTING A WORK AFTER A PREVIOUS DENIAL, YOU MUST WAIT ONE QUARTER. The purpose of the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval is to help Catholic bookstores and venues in their determination of the Catholicity of a work. This reassurance from a professional organization can assist authors in marketing and promoting their works to Catholic bookstores. Submission and awarding periods (*****NOTE: A MAXIMUM OF 10 TITLES ARE REVIEWED EACH QUARTER): - Accepting submissions January 1-31, awarding by March 31 - Accepting submissions April 1-30, awarding by June 30 - Accepting submissions July 1-31, awarding by September 30 - Accepting submissions September 1-30, awarding by November 30 Please address any additional concerns to

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