2014 American Eel Survey Project at the New York Aquarium

VOLUNTEER TO STUDY FISH MIGRATION IN BROOKLYN!!! Great!!! You are interested in volunteering to survey eel fry, also known as glass eels, with the New York Aquarium. Now what? Please tell us more about yourself so that we can register you as a volunteer and contact you with more information. This volunteer opportunity is open to individuals ages 15 and over. Students ages 15 to 17 must submit a signed Parent/Guardian Waiver form prior to their participation in the program. As a volunteer, you must participate in one of our Orientation Workshops. Choose one of the dates listed in this form. If, for some reason, you cannot participate in one of the workshops because of a conflict, and you still want to volunteer, then let us know an we may be able to work out an alternative workshop date. Thank you for contributing your time to help increase our knowlege of these amazing creatures. We look forward to meeting with you very soon at the New York Aquarium! Best regards, The New York Aquarium Education Department Questions? Contact the Volunteer Office at 718.265.3450 or nyadocent@wcs.org. If you are a student and you can receive credit for your participation in this project, then let us know.
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