UNM Honors College Course Override Form

To add a UNM Honors College course to your schedule, please fill out this form and submit it. We will email you when we process your Override. After that, you will be able to register for your requested course as you would any other UNM course. FYI: We do not add courses to your schedule. We provide overrides which allow you to add a Honors course to your schedule in LoboWeb when you register. This form is due April 9th at 11:59 PM.
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Please input the semester information for what semester you plan on taking the class.


Please be specific about what Honors course you want. You are allowed up to two overrides and any override will allow you to register for any section under that number. E.g. if you request an override for 203, you can register for any class under that number (203.001, etc.), but you cannot register for something like 202, even though it is at the same level. The courses that you plan to take must be in sequence, that is, if you took a 100-level this semester, you can take a 200-level next semester, and so on. If you are taking two (2) courses, then you may be permitted to take two (2) courses of the same level, a 200-level and 300-level concurrently or a 300-level and 400-level concurrently. If you are taking two levels co-currently, please indicate that in the notes below. If you taking a course that skips a level, such as going from a 100-level to a 300-level, you must get permission from the UNM Honors College Associate Dean, Dr. Shepherd (ursula@unm.edu). If you would like to take more than two (2) courses in the same semester, then you must get permission from the UNM Honors College Associate Dean, Dr. Shepherd (ursula@unm.edu). 100-level courses are reserved for students who have yet to take a course at that level (e.g. new students). They are in high demand and students who have already fulfilled this requirement may not register for a second 100-level course. All Honors courses are restricted and only students within the UNM Honors College may register for our classes. If you are a non-Honors student, please first apply. Our application can be found at honors.unm.edu. If you do not want to apply, but still wish to take a class, you must wait until a week before school begins for the term the course is taking place, email us (honors@unm.edu) and we will process the override if there is space permitting.


Indicate the course number and instructor (i.e. 499-001, Lovata).


Please note this option is only available for students under the Program or students with previous permission to take a Senior Option. Indicate the course number and instructor (i.e. 499-001, Lovata). Honors Thesis (Prep 499, Reading/Research 490, Writing 491) Senior Teaching (Prep 492, Teaching 493) Senior Colloquium (495 & 496)


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