Application for NCRN Grant Program

OVERVIEW and GENERAL INFORMATION NoCo Rebuilding Network (NCRN) is our local community. We are firefighters, builders, architects, local businesses, residents, and other community members. We believe in the collective talent and wisdom of our local community. We provide education and resources that help people sustainably rebuild in the wake of a disaster. Resources include: - assist homeowners build homes that meet their needs - find ways to maximize survivors' buying power - encourage construction methods that increase the chance a home will survive another disaster - reduce long term costs by advocating for energy efficient homes and efficient building techniques The NoCo Rebuilding Network administers a grant program to additionally support rebuilding efforts. This program is funded entirely by local fundraising events and direct donations for the specific disaster. GRANT AMOUNT Grant awards will be determined by weighing the following factors: - Total amount of funds raised for the disaster relative to the requests for funding. - Amount of sustainable elements in a given rebuild. These elements are defined by ICC 700-2008 National Green Building Standard and the 2009 IECC. (Since Larimer County Building Code incorporates elements of National Green Building Standard and IECC, homeowners rebuilding their primary residence with a Larimer County Permit will qualify for the base amount offered by the Grant Program). - Amount of rebuilding improvements that increase the chances of a homes survivability in the event of another disaster. In the case of a fire disaster, these improvements are defined by Firewise or Fire Adapted programs. - Need based on the insurance and financial situation. A small portion of our funding is directly based on need. This is not meant to exclude anyone from receiving a grant award. ELIGIBILITY The Fund will provide support to those that meet all of the following criteria: Individuals and families who have lost their primary residence as a result of the High Park or Woodland Heights Fires and desire to rebuild in Larimer County. Rebuilding project must be in Larimer County. Only one grant application per household. Funds are extremely limited. Due to the amount of homes lost, NCRN expects that all funds will be distributed towards the rebuilding of primary homes. In the unlikely event funds remain, grants will be made at a later date to other residents who have incurred significant damage to their property and wish to rebuild auxiliary buildings, secondary homes, vacation homes, or retreats. NCRN board members, members of advisory panel and staff are not eligible for funding. FUND TIMELINE Currently NCRN plans to distribution of funds, Fall 2012 and Spring 2013. The timelines are as follows: Oct 17-Nov 12 Applications accepted for the 2012 Fall Grant Distribution Nov 21 2012 Fall Grant Funds Distributed Nov 13 -April 30 Applications accepted for 2013 Spring Grant Distribution May 30 2013 2013 Spring Grants Distribution APPLICATION PROCESS Individuals and families who meet the above criteria are invited to submit an application for funding to the NoCo Rebuilding Network. Questions? Please send questions to