HICHILab Volunteer Information

For more information please visit the HICHI Lab website at http://manoa.hawaii.edu/hichi/ or contact us at hichi@hawaii.edu. As per University of Hawaii requirements, all participants who wish to receive a gift card or cash (as compensation for their much appreciated effort) are required to provide their Social Security Number (SSN) and address. In the event that any individual receives $600 or more for contributions to studies, the university is required to file tax documents. As such, it collects personal information any time a person receives money or gift cards from the university. Again, we understand that your personal information deserves the utmost protection, which is why we have safeguards in place to maintain the confidentiality of your information. We will keep the records in a locked, secure location. Our lab does not retain this information after passing it on to the university.

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.