Northern Rockies Training Center (NRTC) / Aerial Fire Depot (AFD) Transportation and On-Site Lodging Request Form

Please fill out form two (2) weeks prior to your desired dates. Cancellations must be made no later than four (4) days prior to your stay or a room charge will be assessed to you. Photos:
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Transportation Information

Transportation to and from the Missoula International Airport is available Monday-Friday, 0730-1600 (excluding Holidays) for those arriving at the Aerial Fire Depot/Northern Rockies Training Center.

Dormitory Information

No meals are provided at the dormitory however, a kitchen facility is available for your use. Doors are open from 0730-1800 M-F (business hours) and are locked on the weekends/holidays for your safety. Just prior to your stay you will be contacted and given a combination for the keypad to enter the building for use during your stay. If you don't hear from anyone please call Clare at (406) 329-4764. Dormitory rates (as of March 2012) are $8.60/night or $4.25/night if you are reserving five (5) or more nights. Preferred payment method is a debit/credit card. Payment is due in the business office before you return to your unit. Smoking is not allowed in the dormitory due to NFPA restrictions.