World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2012 (August 14 - 19)

As for the 2010 European Championships, we are looking for volunteers for the bike polo world championships to be held in Geneva from 14 to 19 August. Without volunteers we can not ensure such an event, which is why we contact you. We need volunteers for various tasks: 1. Assembly and disassembly of the courts ( August 10-14 and August 20-22) 2. Maintenance of the courts (daily) 3. Bar tender (Refreshments) (August 15-20) 4. Assistant cook(August 14-19) 5. Referee (umpiring and jobs related i.e: time, scores, etc) (August 15-19) 6. Person at the microphone, announcing the games and calling teams (August 15-19) 7. Live stream and live score related jobs (You may know how to use the "Podium" app and a computer) If you have some time to participate in this event you can pre-register now by filling this form. Feel free to send this form around you :) THANKS!
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