SIGN THE PETITION AND TELL THE ASSEMBLY: "I WANT MY STAR REBATE!" STAR Rebates put cash back into the pockets of overstretched and overtaxed NY homeowners, and it was a terrible decision by the State Legislature to cancel them in 2009--prior to my taking office. That's why, for the past two years, I've worked to bring back the STAR Rebates, and help cut property taxes and bring relief to homeowners. STAR Rebates mean real tax savings for homeowners--on average, as much as $500 per year for taxpayers in Central and Northern New York. We need to restore the STAR Rebates to help homeowners and cut property taxes now. Here's what I've been doing to help: * I sponsored three different bills to revive the STAR Rebate program, . * I convinced my colleagues to make restoration of the STAR rebate a Senate budget priority in 2012. * I helped win passage of legislation that would phase in the STAR rebates over two years (S.7447). BUT THE ASSEMBLY STILL NEEDS TO ACT. SIGN THE PETITION and TELL THE ASSEMBLY: "I WANT MY STAR REBATE!"
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