Google Bootcamp Knowledge Survey

The following is an example of a "knowledge survey." It is a way of quickly determining your confidence at a range of skills. You'll rate your confidence on a 3 point scale: 3 -- Confident. I could perform this task right now. 2 -- Somewhat confident. I understand the task and have a vague idea of what is required. I could probably perform the task after looking a few things up and I have a good idea where I would go to get this information. 1 -- Not confident. I don't understand the task, am largely unfamiliar with it, or have little idea how to start, or have tried and failed at this task before and feel like I got nowhere. There are a lot of questions, but it goes quickly once you get a hang of the rating scale. We anticipate that most people can complete this in 15 minutes or less.
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I can create a simple website in Google Sites.
I can organize my Google site using subpages.
I can set permissions for Google Sites for a variety of classroom applications.
I can edit the header in a Google site.
I can edit the sidebar in a Google site to get it to look the way I want
I can change the theme in a Google site
I can embed pictures and movies in a Google site.
I can organize files in a File Box on a Google site
I can add a table of contents to my Google site
I can create and manage an announcement page in a Google site.
I can create links to other website sites from a Google Site page.

I know how to get LAUSD to create gmail accounts for my students.
I know what I can accomplish WITHOUT having my students get individual Google accounts and can explain the advantages and disadvantages of not having one.
I know how to create a form to quickly collect email addresses from my students.
I can create a contact list in GMAIL using email addresses collected by a form or other technique
I can access my contact list and use it to help me selectively share items with specific groups of students.

I know how to access the internet from my classroom.
I feel comfortable that I can effectively monitor students when they are working on computers.
I know how to set up the certificate to allow my students to access Google Tools without getting security errors.
I know how to request laptops from the CSUN CSCS team and what they expect in return for borrowing them.

I know where to go to create new Google Docs.
I can explain the differences between the different types of Google Docs.
I can organize Google Docs using folders/collections.
I can explain how files are displayed in my Google Docs list.
I know how to find the files I want in the Google Docs list.
I can set the permissions for a Google Doc appropriately for a range of classroom applications.
I can set the name of a Doc or rename it.
I can Make a Copy of an existing Doc to build on a document created by someone else or to reuse my own work for a different class.
I can explain the different strengths of Google Docs versus Microsoft Office and can decide when to use each
I can share a document with specific students for private collaboration or to set up a structure for group work.
I can embed Google documents in a Google Site and can explain the advantages and limitations of doing so
I can create a link to a Google document in a Google Site.

I can create a simple form.
I can find the spreadsheet with results of my form.
I can make changes to my existing form.
I can find the Summary of Results for my form.
I can choose the appropriate question type for my classes.
I can reorder questions in a form.
I can use Floobaroo to automatically grade responses to a form
I can use App scripts to get an automated email every time a student submits a form, or automatically send them a copy of their own form
I can edit the Form Confirmation page to direct students to view the results of a form or go to a different web site

I can sort spreadsheets simply.
I can do complex sorts using multiple criteria
I can add columns or rows.
I can delete columns or rows.
I can freeze columns or rows and understand why I would want to.
I can hide columns, rows, or sheets.
I can create simple bar graphs.
I can create simple scatter graphs.
I can change axes labels of graphs.
I can change the symbols used on a graph.
I can move graphs to their own sheet.
I can color-code cells to help organize them for student input.
I can use conditional formatting to color-code cells so that the color changes in response to student input
I can explain the differences between having students input data using forms versus spreadsheets directly and can decide when I would want to use each
I can embed gadgets to perform more complicated tasks such as map the data in cells
I can set up a QUICKWRITE in a spreadsheet.

I can set up a Google Document to allow students to write collaboratively.
I can explain to students how to use the Comments feature to provide critical feedback.
I can structure a collaborative document so that a class of students can all simultaneously contribute without having chaos.
I can create a master template document that students can copy for their own, and then explain to students how to accomplish this.

I can create a Google Moderator series that allows my students to ask questions or make suggestions.
I can explain the structure of Moderator, including the differences between Series, Topics, and items
I can allow anonymous questions
I can give students instructions on how to submit questions and vote on other questions.
I can download a Moderator series into Excel for input into my gradebook
I can set a Moderator series to be open only during specific times
I can set a Moderator series to hide the questions until I approve them individually
I can post responses to Moderator questions, and explain to students how they can do it as well.

I can use the revision history to crack down on individuals that abuse the collaborative documents.
I have clear classroom policies for students that abuse the collaborative documents.
I can lay down ground rules when introducing collaborative documents to students, including modeling inappropriate behavior and appropriate behavior.

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.