Request to Plant a Tree in Northeast Philadelphia

Tree Northeast (formerly Northeast Tree Tenders) is an organization dedicated to restoring tree cover to the neighborhoods of Northeast Philadelphia. We are currently accepting applications for street and yard trees to be planted in the Spring 2013 cycle. By filling out this form, you agree to the following: -An arborist from Philadelphia Parks & Recreation will inspect your location and determine whether it is an appropriate site for a tree(s) to be planted. -Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and Tree Northeast will determine an appropriate tree species for your location. -You will water the tree (15-20 gallons per week) from March through December for two years. -You will protect your tree from damage by cars, lawn mowers, etc. -You will notify Tree Northeast if the tree appears to be sick or damaged. -If the site requires it, you give permission for a tree pit to be cut in your sidewalk or pavement. (If you cancel the tree installation after submitting the request form and the pavement has been cut, you will be responsible for replacing the pavement at your expense.) For help please call 215-694-9607 or email
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Street Tree Requests (Yard Tree Requests Below)

Street trees are trees planted between the sidewalk and curb. They can be planted in a grass strip or concrete can be cut to accommodate a new tree

Yard Tree Requests

Yard trees can be planted anywhere on private property. Priority is given to locations where the tree is visible from the street and sidewalk.


Northeast Tree Tenders is run solely by volunteers who devote their time and energy to restore tree cover in Northeast Philadelphia. The trees we plant and the concrete cuts some street trees require are paid for by TreeVitalize. However, there are many other expenses that have to be paid for – ranging from food for the volunteers to printing flyers, mailing letters, website expenses and fuel costs, to name a few. This all adds up fast and we need the funding to get about 100 trees planted every year – including yours once it is accepted. For this reason, we have made a mandatory donation of at least $20 for each tree you receive.

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