2012-13 OBU Honor Band Entry

1. Register by filling out school, director, and student information below, by October 29, 2012. Late entries are accepted after this date. Be sure to click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page when form is complete. The audition fee is $8.00. Late entries will be charged an additional $4.00 per student. Audition fees must be paid (or PO submitted) by auditions for students to be allowed to audition. Payment must be received in the OBU Band Office by October 29, 2012 to be considered on-time. 2. Mail payment or P.O., payable to OBU Bands, to: OBU Bands Box 61247 500 W. University St. Shawnee, OK, 74804 If you need to register more than 15 students, simply submit the form as many times as needed to accommodate all entries. Contact Dr. Christopher Neal, Director of Bands, at christopher.neal@okbu.edu with any questions.

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