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Have a great idea you would like to see broadcasted on channel 6 to the university of Houston. Fill out this form to start your process in getting your idea on Television!
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All the info we need currently need to know about the production you plan to make under SVN

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Producers, cast and crew must attend/have attended the Production Classes given by SVN. Required Production Classes include: Camera Operation, Lighting, and Basic Equipment setup.

Terms of Agreement

If your show is approved by Productions it is now your responsibility to create a quality product to represent Student Video Network as well as showcase your skills as a competent producer. Given the title Producer you are expected to maintain a form of control and order with your show. These include: scheduling, contact with cast and crew, location scouting, and scripting. If equipment is needed SVN will provide equipment such as cameras and lights for productions. It is the responsibility of the producer, the cast and the crew to ensure that no damage is caused to any of the given equipment. Consequences of returning damaged equipment include but is not limited to: 30 second timeout, writing the words "I must not tell lies" once on a sticky note, listening to an hour of Robo DJ on Coog Radio, one page single spaced essay about how the damage was caused and full reimbursement of the damaged product(s). By clicking AGREE you acknowledge to accept all the responsibilities and consequences.

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