This survey is part of a scientific study to understand human happiness. We will create a system which can tell you how you can most efficiently increase your own specific personal happiness. Would eating more home-cooked meals affect your well-being? Would more recognition at work really make you more content? Would taking more risks lead to more inner-peace? Would increasing your literacy make you feel more accomplished? SCROLL DOWN FOR THE START OF THE 5-10 min COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS SURVEY This project has three phases. Phase 1 consists of learning what makes people happy. We will analyse how different factors (n>50) contribute to the different components of happiness (n~7). In Phase 2 you will be able to compare your own assessment of your happiness with the prediction the model made about you. We will use machine learning techniques (artifical neural network analysis) to relate your answers to those of thousands of other people. A trained and validated model will then predict the multiple components of new participants. In Phase 3, you will be able to explore how changing some of these factors changes your happiness. For example, you'll be able to predict how much happier you'd be if you'd increase your 'outdoor activities' just a notch. Perhaps a lot! Perhaps only marginally. This all depends on your personality and (unique) situation of course. And the strength of our approach is exactly that we can take that into account because we incorporated this into our models.
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