Accounting Minor Application

Minor applications are evaluated in January and August. You may submit your minor application at any time; the minor will not be added to your transcript until you have successfully completed all prerequisite requirements.
* Required


EC 11 EC 12 MATH 19 or 21 STAT 141* BSAD 60 BSAD 61 *For students whose majors require a Statistics course, the following courses are approved as substitutes for STAT 141: EC 170, NR 140, PSYC 109 in combination with PSYC 110, STAT 143

Please Note

- To be admitted to the minor, a student must earn a 2.00 average in the prerequisite courses. - To be admitted to the minor, BSAD 60 and BSAD 61 must be completed with a C in each course. - To be awarded the minor, a student must earn a 2.00 cumulative average in the minor coursework. - At least three of the four upper-level Accounting courses must be completed at UVM. -Questions? Contact Student Services,, 656-4015, 101 Kalkin Hall

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