Camtasia Request Form

This form is for PCC faculty to request the Camtasia software license through the Distance Education Department: 1. For use in PCC courses (online and classroom-based) and/or; 2. In support of PCC programs and services and/or; 3. To promote PCC programs and services and/or; 4. For large or long-term project development. Did you know that Camtasia software is available on each campus in the faculty lab? It is also installed in each Interactive Video Classroom (IVC)? These locations are equipped with microphone and headsets to make your recording easy. Please fill out the form as completely as you can. Someone from Distance Learning will contact you about your request as soon as possible. If you need training for using Camtasia, contact your campus' Instructional Technology Specialist.
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Installation Terms

This completed form grants authorization to install one (1) license of Camtasia Studio for the term of one (1) year. You will be notified when your license nears expiration. You must acknowledge your need to renew the license for an additional year. * If this is an off-campus installation, you are on your honor to only install this software on the machine which it has been authorized to be used for your department, for the duration of your development of materials for Portland Community College. * If you terminate your content development relationship with the college, you must cease using and remove any instance of Camtasia you may have installed on any machine that is not owned by Portland Community College.

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