Mr. Parry's Endurance Challenge 2012 Sign-Up

Don't set your limits...go out and find them. Mr. Parry's Endurance Challenge was created to motivate and inspire my students and others to get out and do something extraordinary. For more information about my challenge, feel free to email me at The challenge itself is easy. Get out and complete 24 hours of exercise over 10 weeks, from February 10th - April 20th. All movement counts, including running, walking, biking, walking to school, walking the dog, sports practices, etc. Also, consider joining me during my 24 hour run/walk. The late evening. overnight, and early hours of the 2nd day are always the most difficult. I could use the encouragement that company brings! Please answer the following questions about your plans to complete this challenge. More information about this challenge, including an activity log, if needed, can be found at
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