Collantine Cup Season 2.0 - Competitors' Questionnaire

It's almost the end of the Formula 1 season, and that can only mean one thing - that the Collantine Cup is back, baby! After a very successful and enjoyable inaugural season, I want to make sure that Season 2 is bigger, better and more bonkers than ever! As the head of CCRAP, I want to hear from you guys to see how we should do things this year. I'm only going to take input from the original drivers from Season 1, so if you weren't on the grid at the Final Round at Interlagos, your answers will be ignored and disregarded. P.S: All of these questions are asked under the assumption that a patch will be released that will eliminate most of the major glitches that affect the online mode. Safety Car DQ bug, 11/11 suspension, terrible penalty system, etc. If these bugs are not fixed or the game is still not to a satisfactory standard by November 18th, I won't be running the Collantine Cup on F1 2011 as a series. At least not like the one we had last year.
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Car and Teams

These questions will help me to work out whether we'll be able to allocate cars to drivers through preference. If there is too much of a demand for certain cars, I'll have to enforce a seeded system where Damon gets first pick of all the cars, then myself, then Steve until all the Season 1 drivers have a car. Then, the n00bs will get to pick from whatever's left.

Calendar Voting

As head of CCRAP, I have chosen four of the eight circuits for this year's calendar. They are: Melbourne, Monaco, Silverstone and Spa. I'm giving you guys the opportunity to select the remaining four races - because I'm nice like that. However, to ensure we don't end up with an identical calendar to last season, which would be a bit dull, I've split the last four races into four pools so you'll have to choose your favourite from each pool and the 4 with the most votes will make the calendar. If two or more circuits receive the same number of votes, I will flip a coin to determine which track gets a place on the calendar.


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