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Many campus groups are eager to sponsor donation drives, and often may want to collect goods that another campus group is collecting at the same time. Campus groups also may assume that an organization is in need of something, like used coats, when in fact the group may be in greater need of basic hygiene products or something else. As a way of strengthening the donation drives that take place on campus for both the organizations that they are intended to help and the campus community, campus groups must plan their drives well ahead of time and submit this Donation Drive Request Form to the Community Involvement and Volunteerism Center (the CIViC) for drive approval. It is critical that campus groups have made contact with an organization or community in need and are trying to help the organization in both the short and long term. Thus, the CIViC is looking for groups who have planned their drive well in advance, have thought about the issue, have set up advocacy and education events around the issue, have volunteered their own time to the cause, who have a strong advertising plan for the drive and who have communicated with the organization that the goods are going to. While the CIViC is extremely supportive of donations, we also believe that as university community members we must do more. We encourage you to think about how your group can go one step further and educate our university community or make them aware of the issue at hand. How is your group addressing the issue in the long term? Please type out your answers and click "submit." E-mail the CIViC with any questions:
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The CIViC requires the drive advertisement be e-mailed to the CIViC ( three weeks prior to the drive for edits, and distributed widely around campus two weeks before the drive. If approved, the CIViC will help your group with list-serv announcements to faculty and staff, the CIViC’s list-serv and with website and facebook advertising.


You will be notified by email when the CIViC receives your submission. You will be asked to meet briefly with Lauren Hayes at the CIViC within a week of submission before your event can be approved. Please send a photograph with your group and the donated goods to Drives are limited to two weeks in length. Be sure to empty out and store your donations every night. Organizations must supply their own boxes and must decorate them appropriately. For an example, please e-mail

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