Engineering Big Sibling Sign-up Form

Hello Engineers! I hope you are all having a pleasant transition back to classes and having way too much work to do following the first full week back! Directed specifically at juniors and seniors this time: last semester I sent out a google form and a plea for sign-ups to join the re-vamped and revitalized engineering big sibs/little sibs program which was from a few years before my time around here. We had a great response, thank you so much to all 21 of you who signed up! If you already filled out the form, you do not need to do it again, we already got your info! But to anyone who didn't see this email last time or decided not to sign up for whatever reason, I wanted to once again ask you if you would take the time to advice one or a few new engineering students, and help them avoid the pitfalls and difficulties of getting an engineering degree at Harvard without the same learning curve as we all had. You experience is invaluable, and if you take the time to pass it on to a new student it will strongly improve their experience at Harvard and in engineering specifically. Please take the time to think about adding your name! In addition to being a general resource to new students and being available if they need anything, we are thinking about expanding the help offered by big sibs in planning out course schedules over the whole time in college as well as semester to semester. Just your experience with classes and with the school will work wonders for the new students, so I once again ask you to sign up to advise if you can! The google form is below if you would like to add your name as a big sib! Best, Morgan Paull HCES Treasurer
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