Community Service / Internship Requests

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Community service hours are the sole responsibility of the individual making the request. The library has the right to refuse or terminate hours at its own discretion. A letter of documentation will be provided upon request with a 72 hour notice. Library Teen Advisory Board members, YACs, and Energy participants will receive priority hours and first choice. All others will be placed on the list and will be first come, first served, as determined by type of event, appropriate match, and staff decision. Please note that A.) Service hours are not guaranteed and B.) Hours may be offered within a matter of days or a matter of months or not at all. The Library will notify the volunteer by telephone or email if and when volunteer hours become available. The Teen Intern Program is a separate program for teens to participate in their community while earning hours. Teens on the Community Service List will not automatically be part of the Teen Intern Program. If you would like to participate in the Teen Intern Program, a separate application must be filled out.

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