Sign the letter! Preserve Historic Tax Credits

Dear Governor and Members of the Missouri Legislature, Historic Tax Credits are working, not only for St. Louis and Kansas City but for all of Missouri. Many rural legislators can take a drive down their own main streets and see buildings collapsing, storefronts' abandoned, history being erased. Go to Fayetteville, go to Warrensburg, go to Moberly, go to Owensville, and go to De Soto. Historic Tax Credits can rebuild these communities, and if used properly can put thousands of Missourians back to work. There are many positives of the program; over 43,000 jobs have been created, hundreds of neighborhoods have been improved and property values have gone up. Please do not restrict a program that is doing so well and so much good. There are many loopholes that could be closed that would bring in millions of dollars of new revenue to fund needed programs in Missouri. Let's work on common size legislation that will bring fairness and spur small business creation in our state. I ask you too oppose any legislation that restricts the growth of the Historic Tax Credit Program and instead focus on closing loopholes and updating our tax codes to find new revenue sources. It's fair and the smart thing to do. Sincerely,
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