2013 PDX Pop Now! Compilation Listening Committee Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the listening committee for the 2013 PDX Pop Now! Compilation. This year is especially important and monumental as it is our 10th year as an organization and our 10th compilation! How exciting, right!? We're happy to have you on board, but first want you to understand what you're getting yourself into. By signing up below, you are expressing interest in helping to curate the 2013 PDX Pop Now! Compilation. This will be 40+ new songs submitted by local Portland bands on our website. We normally receive 500+ entries to listen to and choose from. Don't worry, you won't have to judge all of them! Our process is highly dependent on each of you to complete the task of listening to and forming an opinion on no more than 100 random, anonymous .mp3s within a span of 10 days, beginning in the first two weeks of March. That gives you two full weekends and five weekdays in between. Please do not wait until the last minute. We have made it possible for you to download the tracks in your group for use with the media player of your choice. We will burn you a CD or five if you do not have access to an .mp3 player. There have been a few times in the past when we've had a number of people who have been unable to complete their voting. This makes the next level of candidate tracks much more difficult to define. We generally have a few people waiting in the wings as understudies, but they need to be given as much warning as possible that their services will be necessary. We won't be upset if you get a couple days in and find it difficult to imagine finishing. Communication is key. Please consider whether you will be able to finish this project before you sign on! If you have questions or problems regarding this form, please email Rochelle: compilation@pdxpopnow.com
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It is very important that our process be as anonymous and random as possible. As such, your tracks will include only a coded number as identification, for voting purposes. In addition, we ask that you provide as complete a list as you think necessary of any conflicts you might have. Please, be completely candid. A conflict could be: 1) Any band you're directly involved with as either a member or manager, whose music you would recognize, and whose inclusion on the compilation you have a vested interest in 2) Any band which contains close friends or family members, whose music you are familiar with It all comes down to whether or not you would hear a track, recognize it, and have a hard time making an un-biased judgment call as to its quality. We hope that you are getting involved in this process as serious fans of music, with the ability to hear something interesting or special in a song, regardless of its supposed genre, because it’s a lot of work just to get to vote for your friend’s band! I recognize that a complete list of conflicts might be difficult in this town, because it is relatively tight knit. Just do your best to give us what you think are the most important. We don't want to put you on the spot of having to judge yourself or your friends, for better or worse.

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