OpenSG Simulations Working Group - Modelling & Simulation Survey

In the end of 2010 the Open Smart Grid Subcommittee, a member group of the UCA International Users Group, started the OpenSG Simulations Working Group (SimsWG). It is the purpose of the OpenSG Simulations Working Group to facilitate work on the modeling and simulation of modern electric power systems as they evolve to more complex structures with distributed control based on integrated Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). The goal of the Simulations Working Group is to develop a framework and requirements for modeling and simulation tools and platforms which support this evolution in power system design, engineering and operation. To succeed in this effort, we rely on your feedback about simulation tools you use or have used or maybe even developed within your company. The SimsWG pursues openness in design, implementation and access by promoting open source solutions. Also, collaboration amongst industry, commercial vendors and research as well as government organizations is pursued. This means that you will also be able to benefit from the WG's results. We are also happy to send you the results of the survey if you provide us with your eMail address. The survey is split into 7 sections and will take about 15 minutes to complete. --- Please use the buttons within the survey form for navigation (do not use the browser's "back" button). --- If you have any questions or trouble completing the survey please contact We appreciate your support. Thank you.
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