Butterfly Pavilion - Photographer Tripod Session

Saturday, October 20, 2012 Doors Open at Conservatory 7:45 a.m. Cost $15.00 Ticket is good for all day, but tripods are only allowed until Public hours at 9:00 Minimum 5 - Maximum 20 persons. Must pay in advance - If you can't attend you can sell/gift your ticket to someone This outing is a popular one. We have at least an hour by ourselves in the Pavilion. We are there as the butterflies are waking up, it's quite a sight to see! In addition to butterflies their are tropical plants in various stages of bloom. Macro photography is perfect, but not exclusive. There are opportunities for using a variety of lens. Just be sure to keep your GEAR WARM on the way to this event, or you will find yourself with cloudy glass as the Pavilion is a humid little jungle! In order to attend you must pay first. Call Marissa Copan at 720-974-1877. Tell her it's for the Special Tripod Session on Oct. 20th. She will take your fee and mark you paid.
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When we are finished shooting, we might consider meeting over at Panera for a late morning snack. It's always nice to be social!

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