Fall 2014 Learning Assistant Application

Learning Assistants (LA) engage students in the introductory physics courses (135/235/140/240) through active learning in the classroom and in the Help Room/CTools Chat. Learning Assistants can work up to a maximum of eight hours a week and earn $12/hr or credit towards Physics 333 or 334. As a Learning Assistant, you will also register for 1 credit of 415. Physics 415 will meet one additional hour a week as a group. This one credit will be non-paid and will not count towards the eight hours a week. The course will help integrate educational theory, pedagogy, and practice, touching on theoretical issues such as conceptual development, conceptual change, collaborative learning, technology in education, and students’ conceptions of various topics in science. It will also focus on practical issues encountered in facilitating learning, managing the classroom, formative and summative assessment, curricula, and differentiating instruction in a collaborative environment. If you're interested in earning credit or have any questions about the position, please e-mail physics.sso@umich.edu or stop in Physics Student Services (1440 Randall; M-F 8AM-5PM). Offers will be made on a rolling basis. Classes start Tuesday, September 2nd
* Required