Natural Science Drawing-Aston-SU2012

Course Title: Natural Science Drawing Course Number: Art 133 Credits: 3 semester hours Course Description: Introductory course in observational drawing from biological specimens and outdoor field studies. Working with plant, animal, and landscape subjects, students will focus on the careful observation of natural forms and natural phenomena. Students will be introduced to methods of scientific illustration through observation supplemented by visual research. Includes field trips to beach, bay, marsh, river, and woodland habitats. Recommended as a general education course for science majors. Prerequisites: None. This is intended as an introductory level art course suitable for non-majors Note: This course is offered through Millersville University and students at MU receive G1 credit for this course. Faculty Contact: Maggy Aston, California University ** NOTE – Submission of this form gives you priority for acceptance into this course based on class standing and date of submission. You are not officially registered until you send in your housing deposit to the Marine Science Consortium AND complete the registration process at the University through which the course is offered.**
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