Micro-quiz 2

Question 1 of this micro-quiz involves writing a very simple function in Go, to make sure you are progressing in your learning of the language. The rest of the questions cover some of the networking concepts discussed Tuesday. Here's what you need to do for Question 1: 1. Download the file /afs/cs.cmu.edu/academic/class/15440-f11/q1.tar to your local directory. 2. Extract your files into your local directory. 3. In the directory q1/ibuf, you will find the implementation of a FIFO buffer for integers (ibuf.go), and a file (ibuf_reverse) containing the start of the implementation of a function that will reverse the order of the elements in a buffer. 4. Complete the code in ibuf_reverse.go. See the file README.txt on how you can test your code. 5. Copy and paste your copy of ibuf_reverse.go into the code answer box below:
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