Prepaid Cards

1 GROCERIES By buying just $200 of groceries per month with prepaid cards you could contribute $120 per year to the school. 2 EVERYDAY SPENDING AND LARGE PURCHASES New kayak?...$30 contributed. New washer and dryer?...$80 contributed. Raincoat, scarf and boots?...$50 contributed. 3 GIFT GIVING Easy way to buy for birthdays, thank-yous, teacher gifts and holidays for family, friends and colleagues. The prepaid card program raises over $15,000 per year for the PTSA, which provides funds for arts, teacher stipends, improvements, scholarships and other activities for the school community. The PTSA purchases the cards at a discount of up to 16% and they are sold at face value for use essentially as cash. Thanks for supporting the JSIS PTSA! ALL GROCERY CARDS, AMAZON, STARBUCK'S AND SEVERAL OTHER MERCHANT CARDS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR SALE FRIDAY MORNINGS AT COFFEE HOUR.

You can print a paper form from the link below. Send it to school with a check, ATTN: PREPAID CARDS, via backpack, regular mail or hand to the secretary

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