CLOSED!!! Keurig Elite Giveaway

I am putting together a giveaway for a Keurig Elite. I have had some feedback from my FB fans asking for a coffee pot giveaway. I need at least 15 bloggers to participate. The fee would be $10 for 2 links, FB page and Twitter, then $1 for an additional link of your choice. If we can get 15 bloggers, we can offer the winner an additional prize of either a Kcup carousel or some Kcups of their choice. The giveaway will begin as soon as we have the required number of bloggers and will run for 1 week. I will email the Rafflecopter link as soon as we have 15 bloggers. I will also include a photo to use if you wish. Send fees via Paypal to as PERSONAL - GIFT so there are no fees involved. Please indicate your blog name in the comment section when you send the money so that I can match it to you. Please make sure your links work before sending them. OPEN TO US ONLY! Thank you!
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Thank you!

I will be contacting you with the exact dates and the RC link as soon as we have enough bloggers. Kim Rhodes The Grandma Blog

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