ENDURE Multisport

Vision / Mission / Values Bring Glory to GOD. Promote spirit of camaraderie amongst members. Promote mentorship amongst each other. Being competitive to oneself. To ENDURE is to honor God. To ENDURE is to last. To sustain the multi-sport passion. To ENDURE is to leave a mark. To leave a multi-sports legacy grounded on values of excellence, perseverance, camaraderie and mutual respect. Membership Rules: 1. Team applicants must have finished at least one public multi-sport event to join the Team. 2. Endorsement from existing member is an advantage. 3. Within a year, a member must have finished two multi-sport events: one event deemed major by the team, another event of the member’s choosing. 4. Members must join any of the Team trainings (swim, bike, run) at least once a quarter. 5. Members who opt for a temporary break from training or competing on account of work or personal circumstances may apply for temporary Non-Regular Status. The Non-regular member retains the Team association and the communication links to the Team via Facebook and Yahoogroup, but may not be included nor prioritized in the distribution of membership privileges or perks like sponsorship deals or discounts.

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