Equipment Rental Request

This form must be submitted at least two weeks prior to event. Cost of rental is $25 per machine for four hour rental. Additional time is $10 per hour. Supply costs are listed below. See Equipment Rental Policy for complete policy.
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Equipment Requested

Please indicate one machine per line. If you are only requesting one machine, only select an item on line 1. If you are requesting more than one chocolate fountain, select 'chocolate fountain' on up to three separate lines. Replacement costs per machine: Cotton Candy Machine: $750/machine, $200/bubble Popcorn Machine: $600/machine Sno Kone Machine: $820/machine Nacho Cheese Warmer: $310/machine Chocolate Fountain: $100/machine

Supplies Requested

Please indicate quantities of supplies needed. If you don't need that supply, select Zero. If you need more than 4 of any item, please email after request is submitted. Note: You must use kit-style popcorn, store bought popcorn cannot be used in popcorn machine. You must make arrangements for ice for the SnoKone machine separately. You must purchase your own chips & cheese for the Nacho Cheese Warmer. You must purchase your own supplies for the chocolate fountains.

Cotton Candy Mix: Silly Nilly (Pink Vanilla) $6.00 per half gallon (approx. 60-70 cones)
Cotton Candy Cones: $2.50 per 50 count
Popcorn Kits: (contains oil, salt, kernels) $7.50 per 5 kits (8-10 bags per kit)
Popcorn Bags: $2.50 per 50 count
SnoKone Flavor Syrup: Cherry $8.00 per gallon
SnoKone Flavor Syrup: Grape $8.00 per gallon
SnoKone Flavor Syrup: Blue Raspberry $8.00 per gallon
SnoKone Flavor Syrup: Lemon Lime $8.00 per gallon
SnoKone Cups: $5.00 per 100 count

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