Rental Request Form - Hylton Boys & Girls Club

HYLTON BOYS & GIRLS CLUB REQUEST FOR USE OF FACILITIES: GUIDELINES: The Hylton Boys & Girls Club has erected and dedicated its facilities for the purpose of serving youth, particularly Club members. Therefore, the highest priority use of Club facilities is Club-sponsored activities serving youth. Request for Use of Facilities may be denied at any time due to space limitations, availability of staff, the specific activities to take place during the facility usage or any other reason deemed appropriate by senior management. It is required that a Club staff to be present during all usage by outside groups. APPLICATION: Qualified groups wishing to use Club facilities must supply the information requested on the Application Agreement. If the request is approved, facility use fees, which are listed below, shall be collected to defray expenses of utilities, custodial preparation and clean-up, additional staff involvements, supplies, wear on flooring and interior attachments, etc. Fees are due prior to the date of facility use. If the usage will be on-going, fees for the first month are due prior to the first day of usage. Fees for subsequent months are due on the first of the month. Each applicant shall submit a Certificate of Insurance with a minimum coverage of $1 million in which the Club be named additional insured and our Hold Harmless Agreement. If you would like to purchase liability insurance please note that below. HYLTON BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS: As space is extremely limited, it is recommended that all forms be completed and submitted at least 30 days prior to the desired date(s). Minimal rental period is two hours. FEES: Staff time is included in the below fees. Usage fees are always calculated on an hourly basis. Thus, if you wish to use the space for three and a half hours, you will be charged for four full hours. Time required for clean up or set up will be billed at the same hourly rate. If your event requires any special set up by our staff, you will be billed for the additional staff time. If your group does not leave by the time indicated on the original agreement, you will be billed for the overage
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