Technology Survey

We will be having several technology trainings in the next few weeks. You should have received a list from Dr. Faircloth. Please answer the following questions so we can provide the training you need. All certified staff will be receiving a new laptop. CPS units and Elmos have been ordered if you did not already have them. Please keep in mind that you will need to use this equipment daily. Smart Board Basics Description • Opening SMART Notebook • Orienting the Board • Setting Orientation Options • Using Styluses and Eraser • Using On-screen keyboard • Menu Toolbar • Floating Toolbar • Other SMART Tools • Editing Text and Objects • Page Sorter • Gallery • Saving/Printing Files •Sharing Lesson Ideas and Resources Smart Board Advanced Description • Setting Default Font • Customizing Start Center • Lesson Activity • Toolkit • Using the Page Sorter Tab • Using Hyperlinks • Exporting Files Using the Print Capture Tool • Using the SMART Recorder • Sending Files to Mail Recipient • Timed Save Wizard
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