Super Bowl Squares Contest

The following form will be used to run a square football pool (sometimes referred to as just The Squares), but with a twist. Instead of randomly assigning numbers to the rows and columns, you get to choose which squares you want. Please note that this game is for entertainment only. No money is required to play, and there will be no pay-out to the winners. If all goes well this year, perhaps next year there will be a real version that allows you to wager your hard-earned money in such a silly manner — assuming, of course, that I can find a way to skirt the myriad state gaming laws that would prevent me from running such a contest. Here is a quick synopsis of the rules:
  • Imagine that you have $5, and each square costs $1, so you can buy up to five squares.
  • All money bet will be divided equally among the winners from the four quarters.
  • If you pick a winning square, you will share the winnings with everyone else who picked the same square. (For example, if 200 people play this game, there will $1,000 in the pot, so the winning amount for each quarter will be $250. If ten people choose 7-3 and it hits for one quarter, each person will receive $25.)
  • Enter your five choices below as two-digit numbers, where the tens digit of your entry represents the units digit of the Patriots' score and the units digit of your entry represents the units digit of the Giants' score. (For instance, if you want Patriots 7, Giants 3, enter 73; but if you want Patriots 0, Giants 7, enter 07.)
For a full description of this game and the game upon which it is based, as well as some data that might influence your choices, please visit:
Bets will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, February 4, and an image showing the number of times each square was chosen will be posted at:
The complete results for this contest will be posted on Monday, February 6, at:

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