Preliminary grant report

Please complete all sections of this form and submit using the tab at the bottom of the page. Three high resolution JPEG images illustrating the topic studied and research in the field are also required. Please email the images to, or if they are already stored online (for example in Flickr), please provide a web page address (URL) for the image in the appropriate box below.

Full report

A full final report must be submitted electronically and in hard copy by 1 September * of the year following the award. The final report must include a 250 word abstract, a description of the project and its key findings (1000 words minimum), three to five digital images that capture the spirit of the project and its results, a final budget, and details of presentations, publications and any other outputs planned or completed. * The full report deadline for recipients of the Ralph Brown Expedition Award, Peter Fleming Award, Thesiger-Oman Fellowship, Hong Kong Research Grant and Geographical Club Award is 15 May of the year following the award. Recipients of the Small Research Grant must submit their final report by 1 May of the year following the award. Failure to submit the full report on time will jeopardise future grant applications. If at any point you feel unable to meet the deadline, contact the Grants Officer immediately:

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