you are 7 steps away from your own location based teaching ecosystem

Taking part in a formal course will be beneficial in the following: certification for the completion of learning missions (see evaluation) group support- being part of a learning group for cyncronic discussions personal support- having a contact person to help you create your game on line lecture and off course you can always wander in our idiosyncratic learning enviroment

use of wizard for learning object creation
implementation of location based social networks for educational use
overview of location based services
GIS systems utilization for education
extraction of mobile devices abilities for learning

influencing local community
being part of social learning group “idiosyncratic”
trust in the ability of mobile devices to provide substantial learning
using experimental learning methodologies
having in depth understanding: social learning- web 2.0, GIS, Mobile learning

what I even geotag things

no clue you tell me

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.