Recruitment Event Registration Form

All member fraternities in IFC holding recruitment events must turn in a description of the recruitment event to the Vice-President of Recruitment prior to 24 hours before to the event is held. General Rules for IFC Recruitment 1. All recruitment events must end by 12:00 A.M. (midnight). 2. All recruitment events and activities must be free of alcohol and other illegal substances. 3. All recruitment events are to be free of participation by women. 4. Recruits must not currently be or ever have been an initiated member of any National International Conference (NIC) fraternity. 5. Fraternities may not promise a bid to a recruit at any time. 6. Recruitment events must be registered and approved through IFC. 7. No money, prizes, or gifts shall be given as recruitment incentives. 8. Gentlemanly and ethical conduct shall be maintained at all times.
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