Goolge Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus Issues

Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus are Google's phone models that are offered as benchmark of pure Android experience. Manufactured by Samsung (in the case of Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus) to Google's specifications, these are supposedly the first to get Android updates and hence are "current" when compared to Android phones offered by other manufacturers. It is natural that we as discerning buyers were lured by these tempting prospects into buying these phones. Unfortunately for some of us this proved out to be a bad choice. Three issues make our phones unusable: Constant reboots/shutdowns during calls, phones not powering up and slow response. None of these issues have been addressed by Google for months together despite reporting them in their forums repeatedly. Also there is no way to reach out to them directly -- no mentions of emails of responsible people who run the Android/Nexus division anywhere. Answers given by a so-called Google representative are perfunctional at best. As customers this means only one thing: write this phone off as a bad investment and buy a new phone. However paying $500 over a phone that lasts only a few months is not what people sign-in for, and in this age of online-media, customer issues cannot go unnoticed and no responsible company can afford to be silent. Hence this attempt to gauge the number of people who have Nexus phones that do not perform the primary task that they were intended to, namely, act as a phone. Please spare a few moments to fill out this form. Before you think it is futile to fill such forms, pause for a moment, there are potential benefits to filling this form: 1. Gives you closure. 2. Makes you feel like you are part of a big community (well you are not, but I just said 'feel') 3. Google will be shamed into responding and send us all truck loads of goodies to make amends for all our frustrations (which is what we all secretly hope) 4. Pascal's Wager: it costs you nothing to fill this; if you don't you may lose out on 1, 2 and 3. Note: You to fill the "other" category with anything you wish, eg. your classic in prep, most intelligent quote ever made by you, job requests, your personal problems etc. (Rest assured of absolute confidentiality other than mere publishing of these results from time to time)
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