Campaign for JOBS-NOT-WARS Participating Organizations: Endorsement Form

The Jobs-Not-Wars Campaign has launched a
petition to the President and Congress to --
      • Rapidly end the war in Afghanistan, bring all our troops home and care for and support them when they return;
      • Invest in our communities and our people to grow the economy and put people back to work;
      • In communities devastated by hurricane Sandy, assure that reconstruction is performed in the public interest with full transparency under the direction and control of local, state and federal governments answerable to the people, not to fatten the profit margins of private developers, large corporations, banks and speculators;
      • Transform tragedy into opportunity by training and hiring veterans, the unemployed and youth from historically disadvantaged communities to work on the cleanup and reconstruction, build affordable energy-efficient homes and public infrastructure to better protect our people, their communities and the environment;
      • Redirect our nation's resources from war and bloated Pentagon spending to fund social programs and public services, protect and improve Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, repair the social safety net, meet the threat of climate change, and reduce poverty and inequality;
      • Rely foremost on persistent diplomacy and patient negotiation, rather than military power to respond to international disputes, differences or conflicts;
      • Require those at the top of the income ladder to pay their fair share.
    This campaign seeks to involve racial, economic and other social justice, faith, labor, youth and environmental movements, not just the antiwar movement, in a Big Tent effort to mobilize popular opposition to the drive for austerity.
    It's “Jobs Not Wars” theme is one under which a broad range of issues, movements and constituencies can unite to demonstrate popular rejection of deficit reduction at the expense of the poor, the elderly, working families and the middle class, while further chopping the public sector and denigrating public service. “Jobs Not Wars” reflects the mainstream public sentiment that overwhelmingly supports these objectives. It speaks to a broad audience, not just committed political activists and those identified with the peace movement and political left.
    The campaign provides a vehicle through which we can enter the new year with momentum created by large numbers already mobilized for the budget fight that lies ahead.
    Organizations are encouraged to ENDORSE and promote the campaign to their own base/members. Organizations that endorse and also make a financial contribution to help defray the expenses of website design and maintenance are considered campaign PARTNERS. Partners can be provided with a unique web address (URL) with which to promote the petition that will enable the campaign to report back to them the names and contact information of all those who sign who were brought to the site as a result of their efforts.
    National organizations that agree to participate in the campaign and share the responsibility for funding it will make decisions about the policies, strategy and tactics to be employed in conducting it, including the nature of the activity to present the signatures to the White House and Congress at its conclusion. These organizational SPONSORS
    will also collaborate in developing a media and promotional strategy.
    All signers will be provided with the names, web addresses and list subscription addresses of all organizational partners and sponsors so that they may contact any organization that interests them.
    Each organization can develop its own promotional messages and materials or can use those developed by the Campaign.
    IF YOUR ORGANIZATION WANTS TO PARTICIPATE as a SPONSOR (with responsibility for planning and funding), a PARTNER (promoting with unique URL) or as an ENDORSER (promoting with general URL), please complete this form in its entirety.
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