Create an inspired network of progressive and innovative leaders in education-Final Reminder

Help us identify and learn from inspired, progressive and innovative leaders in education As someone who is thoughtful and connected in education, we are looking for your help. We are organizers with the Institute of Democratic Education in America (IDEA), and we have charged ourselves with the task of connecting and learning from innovative progressive school leaders throughout the country. We are looking for school leaders (such as principals, supervisors, directors, superintendents, and etc) who courageously and openly challenge destructive education policies while implementing quality and equitable solutions in their schools and community while offering all stakeholders a voice in a democratic learning environment. By creating a community of model school leaders, it is our desire that other school leaders will find comfort, refuge and a voice within a community of like minded, yet diverse individuals who share many commonalities to promote and sustain public education. In these uncertain and turbulent times for public schools, educators and leaders, it is often difficult to find a supportive community of progressive school leaders who have the courage to challenge the status quo and often damaging policies. School leaders are often the most isolated people in a school because of their unique position of being pulled in multiple directions at the same time. In one direction they are being pulled by policies, laws and mandates, while in another direction, they are being pulled by parents, students, unions and teachers. It is even a rarer occasion to see or hear of progressive school leaders who openly oppose destructive policies being pushed in public schools. If you are someone, or know someone who is thinking outside the box to create and lead schools that meaningfully empower students and staff while creating dynamic, deep, innovative schools that provides opportunity to engage all students and staff in meaningful and authentic ways, then we need you. Please take about 10 minutes in your time to complete the survey and forward it to at least one other person who you think would be a great connection. The information gathered on each person recommended will not be shared, unless otherwise agreed. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to support this necessary cause. Sincerely, Okaikor and Jason
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