Greek 101 Facilitator Application

Greek 101 is an educational program that all new IFC fraternity members and Panhellenic sorority members attend. The Greek 101 program seeks to educate new members of the IU fraternity and sorority community through group discussions about personal values, organizational values, issues in the IU fraternity/sorority community, and how they can apply their values to those issues (issues include, but are not limited to, hazing, alcohol, sexual assault, and bystander intervention). Greek 101 sessions are a great opportunity for new members to get to know one another and the IU fraternity and sorority community, and to apply what they are learning in their organization’s new member education program to the IU fraternity and sorority community. The Greek 101 program also provides exciting leadership opportunities for junior and senior members of the fraternity and sorority community and graduate students. These students facilitate Greek 101 sessions and act as role models to the new members. Undergraduate Greek 101 facilitators may also enroll in a LEAD IU course.
* Required