Good Gift Catalogue Customer Survey

If you have visited or bought from Social Traders' Good Gift Catalogue ( during the recent Christmas season, we would appreciate 5 minutes of your time to fill out this survey. Your feedback is important, so that we can improve upon the overall campaign. Thank you for your time!
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I was happy with the range of products.
The language and design of the website was clear in explaining that this was an website to purchase social enterprise gifts.
The site was easy to use, and I could easily find my way around.
I understood how I could search for products - the search function was good.
I understood how i could buy products - the "checkout" function was good.
Info about shipping and delivery was easy to find.
I liked the look of the site.
I was satisfied with my experience on the website.
Buying from a social enterprise was important to me.
I would be willing to share this website with my friends and family.