ASPRS 2013 Annual Conference User Group Meeting Description

The User Group Meetings (UGM) are a fantastic opportunity for your company to meet with a group of conference attendees and promote your products in a one-on-one/ customized style setting. ASPRS provides the meeting space and the Exhibitor takes the session from there! This is a chance to talk about your new products in depth, answer questions, hold demonstrations and more in a personal setting and without the distractions of the Exhibit Hall. To advertise your UGM, you will be listed in the ASPRS 2013 Annual Conference Preliminary and Final Program. In addition to your company name, UGM date, time, and room number, is a 75 word description of what attendees can expect from your session. ASPRS does not keep registration for the UGMs, so remember to include information about registration if you would like to keep track of the number of attendees interested in your session. Please fill out the information below as you would like it to appear in the Conference Preliminary Program. Deadline for the Preliminary Program: Friday, November 2, 2012.
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